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Music Mix!

Do you like heavy metal?





I'm here waiting for some guys how like heavy metal.

Before i know this place, I just play games on line.

I want to average up my english and make friends with the foreigners.

So if you like heavy metal, if you like "Rammstein", just be here.

I am glad to meet you and very happy to talk with you!

06:57 PM Oct 16 2007 |

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hi! I saw the tittle of this forum and I could not help wanting to be involve in it….

I am a huge fun of heavy metal..but i must admit that Rammstein is not the first band that pops into my mind when I hear about this gender…perhaps I feel more attracted to bands such as IRON MAIDEN….

 i am also new at this website…so if u are interested i'd love to hear from you….

 by the way..u chose a good topic..but perhaps u could also mention other genders, such as trash metal(PANTERA) or death metal(CANNIBAL CORPSE)...what do u think about them?

02:04 AM Oct 17 2007 |




Very thanks for writing back, I am glad to see that!

I was so eager to find some friends, and wrote the topic in a harry.

Iron Maiden! I know this band, and I like their songs, just like
<aces high> <can i play with madness> <fear of the dark> <no more lies> <the number of the beast>.......

I love all kinds of music, only in good listening to.Such as:

SexPistols, Coldplay, Groove Coverage, Pink Floyd, T.A.T.U, The Cranberries, The Beatles

and Cradle of Filth, GUNS N' ROSES, Linkin Park, nirvana, OverKill, Michael Jackson…...

If you like to talk with you kan add my MSN:

I hope to exchange experience with you, and share with you.

Hope you will be here, see you around!

07:19 AM Oct 17 2007 |




why I can see my MSN interlinkage?!

 Maybe I will do some changes_

myfairy12@ hot mail . com

Jaja I made it!

07:23 AM Oct 17 2007 |



hi!...yeah..u've got  apretty good music taste..

i also listen to nirvana and sex pistols..a while ago i was very much into punk rock…but i am not so sure about michael jackson..(kidding)...well it was great to see taht u liked my "answer" and I'll add u to my msn contact list…so we can go on with this conversation there…as well as here if u want to…


good luck!...


12:24 AM Oct 18 2007 |




I think now, you must go to sleep.

When I have lunch at noon, you just  sleep like a top, Hah.

But time difference can't stop our conversation.

You are a very nice girl, and you love music. It is astonish me!

So just keep in touch wiht eachother.

Good luck, too, and have fun!

See you.


05:10 AM Oct 18 2007 |



hi..u r really cool…but we haven't introduced ourselves properly…well i am veronica and i am from Argentina….yeah..the time difference seems to be pretty important between us …but we still can "talk" here….


well…besides music..what other thing do u like?

good luck!

bye …see u!

11:45 PM Oct 18 2007 |




Stockholm, Dismember、Defleshed、Hypocrisy、Gardenian, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Edge of Sanity, Sacrilege, Opeth….....

There are so many death metal bands in your country as I know.

It's cool~!

06:29 AM Oct 20 2007 |



Hail guys..I can say metal is my life..my favourite band is MANOWAR..I love heavy, power, epic metal…Laughing

I'd like to talk with other people that listen metal music like me…it would be a interesting way to improve my english!!Wink

08:59 PM Oct 21 2007 |



Ah…i can tell you that every song has got a special message…something that is difficult to find in every band..trust me..

06:14 PM Oct 22 2007 |



ooh i like metal müsic very much and i like dimmu borgir, cradle of filt, amorphis, crematory, theatre of tragedy, dream theatre, rammstein, pantera, my dying bride and the other.

06:00 PM Oct 23 2007 |