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What does "cry someone out" phrase means?


Viet Nam

Hi Englishbaby!

I'm listening this song by Pixie Lott and the title of the song is "cry me out". At first, I think someone is gonna make her cry out in the song but wait, when I listen to the song, it seems like she said that her boyfriend must cry out to apologize for things he has done to her in order for her to reconsider to forgive him. Does "cry someone out" mean making someone cry out or crying out to give someone our apology? Thanks in advance

07:34 AM Oct 13 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! What an interesting lyric. "Cry me out" is not a common phrase. The singer must have made it up. Looking at the rest of the song lyrics, I think what she's saying is that she is leaving her boyfriend and he will never get her back; he will just have to get over her. He will have to cry until she is "out" of his heart. 


09:03 PM Oct 14 2010 |


Viet Nam

Thanks Teacher Amy

09:28 AM Oct 15 2010 |