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charming princess

Saudi Arabia


   In today lesson , Marni  referred to the movie she saw on HBO . Does she mean that she saw it in the cinema or at home ? like is there a cable television? what is a cable television anyway? In our part of the world, we are not familiar with such concepts and this is why i find it hard to imagine what she is talking about . So, could you please tell me what she means precisely? thank you in advance

09:14 PM Nov 01 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Good question! HBO is a special channel in the U.S. that you have to pay extra money for, and it shows a lot of films and special shows.



09:24 PM Nov 02 2010 |




HBO is an abbreviation for "Home Box Office" a premium channel as Amy says.

07:34 PM Nov 03 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much Amy. This was helpful


Thank you very much Billrandle . Your efforts are appreciated.


It became clear to me what she meant. Thanks .

08:10 PM Nov 05 2010 |