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meaning of the sentences.

original12Super Member!

South Korea

Could you please explain the meaning of the sentences below?

1. "I am so broken on the inside".

2. "Justice will be had".

3. "We pay for the follies of our ancestors". 

01:36 AM Nov 08 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! Great sentences. The first one means that the speaker is very hurt and upset, but she doesn't show it or let others know. She keeps her feelings "inside" herself.The second sentence means that there will be justice; justice will be done. And the third sentence means that we suffer because of the mistakes our ancestors made. For instance, if your grandfather was reckless and lost a lot of money and respect, you would "pay" because you would be born with no money or position in society.


09:25 PM Nov 08 2010 |