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idioms and phrases...

original12Super Member!

South Korea

Could you please explain the meaning of the following phrases and words? Also, if there is another way to say those phrases, please let me know… Lastly, it would be great if you can give me an example of a proper use of the phrases and words. Thanks much!

 1. "That being said", S + V.

2. "paranoid"

3. "off the top of my head"

4. "off the hook"

5. what are the differences 'among'(do i need to say 'between'?) idioms, slangs, and collocation???

05:04 PM Nov 08 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! More great questions. Smile

"That being said" means something like, "Even though I've said that." For instance, "I love most vegetables. That being said, I can't stand tomatoes."

"Paranoid" means suspicious, not trusting, anxious. For instance, "Sarah is so paranoid, she always thinks her friends are saying mean things about her."

"Off the top of my head" means spontaneously, without thinking about it. For instance, "George is really creative. He makes songs up off the top of his head, and they're really good."

"Off the hook" means not in trouble. For example, "My mom always lets my sister off the hook because she is the baby in the family."

We use "among" with more than two things, for instance, "Among all my friends, I like Jose the best." We use "between" for just two things. For example, "I can't decide between the chicken and the fish."



09:30 PM Nov 08 2010 |