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Warm Up Exercises?


United States

Hi, I am a new student TEFL teacher just starting out. Can anyone suggest some 5-15 minutes warm up exercises for the start of the day either beginner or intermediate level. Smile 

Thank you!

04:05 PM Jul 09 2009 |

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Syrian Arab Republic


My students like me when I enter the class holding two kinds of cards

the first kind has words in English and the other kind has meanings and

definitions. I divide the students into two groups and giving them these card

so they start search for their cards' meaning. the first shall awarded.

10:05 PM Mar 27 2010 |



tic-tac-toe can make students engaged in a lesson.

12:58 AM Apr 06 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Billsousa, If you can explain what Tic-Tac-toe means.

10:02 PM Apr 07 2010 |



Do you know "noughts and crosses"? You can make questions to your students after divide them into two groups. Each corret answer you tell them to choose a square. The winners are the ones who could reach the target of this game. If no one reaches, the winner is the team with more points.


11:52 PM Apr 11 2010 |