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how i can learn the language very fast ??



how i can learn the language very fast ?


please give me some steps to do it

 and i can't speak queqly

05:22 PM Jul 08 2010 |

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Lao People's Democratic Republic

You probably have to study hard daily. There's no shotcut for this. Study and practice hard is the only way. Strengthen your basic English. Once your basic English is solid, you can move on to another level with ease. Try to find an opportunity to use your English whether in conversation or in text. Hope it'll help more or less. Good luck!

01:38 AM Jul 09 2010 |



You can listen to any English programmes and pay attention to pronunciation. Besides, you should read a lot and talk to anyone who talks in English or at least knows it in order to understand you and contact with you.you can also attend any English lectures at any university. For example, if you have any friend who studies English, you can attend with him or her  certain English lectures about a certain subject so that you can attend regularly.I hope that you get the point and benefit from my suggestions.

10:17 AM Jul 09 2010 |



i'm grateful to you to provide advices …........ thanks for all

03:07 PM Jul 09 2010 |




there r 3 points :

 first :u love english

second :believe ur self

third: follow 1st & 2 nd

anyway , complan  wont  work  ,so   just  try  it !!!

cuz  if u  really wanna ur english great   , u will try  any way  and  u  never need  our  advice .

05:42 PM Jul 09 2010 |



I guess learning English is an accomplished issue but how can you make it accomplish, if you did not practice to the fullest? I will not tell you go ahead and start to read, read and read but I will ORDER you to do that dude…. :) English is all about practicing as my friends said before me.. Try to speak English everytime even without a certain occasion …

01:22 PM Jul 13 2010 |



United States

First of all, you have to love English language. Second: Try reading ( tons of reading) listening music, watching movies or your favorite TV shows in English, this will help you a lot. Also, you could try chatting on line, this is another good way to learn English. Good luck!

12:56 AM Aug 01 2010 |