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Country Western Music

Country Western Music

Date: Jun 11 2001


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Country music is enormously popular in the United States. Artists like Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Leanne Rhymes sell millions of records every year. Every big city has numerous country radio stations. There is even a television station dedicated to country music.
However, nobody I know likes country music. I didn’t think Joe liked it, but I figured I’d ask him. Listen to his reply.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Miguel:  Joe – you ever listen to country music?

Joe:  Actually Miguel I do listen to some country music but, honestly a lot of country music I really don’t like.

Miguel:  What’s wrong with it?

Joe:  I think the main thing that I really don’t like about a lot of country music is the singing voices – how they have the singing voice where it sounds like this…

Miguel:  It’s that twangy thing.

Joe:  Exactly. The twang.

Miguel:  Right. I know that’s annoying I think. But what about people like Faith Hill and Shania Twain you know? Do you like them at all?

Joe:  Oh yeah. I like them. They’re off the hook. I like Shania Twain. I like Leanne Rhymes…

Miguel:  Yeah. She’s she’s good. She’s been singing since she was ten years old or something. Seems like she’s been around forever. She was on “Star Search.” That’s when I first saw her actually and she’s just come up in the industry and you know is still singing. It’s amazing.

Joe:  Wow, I didn’t even know that.

Miguel:  I don’t think there’s any male country singers that I’m down with. I mean I can’t listen to any of those guys.

Joe:  Nah. Those guys just grate on my nerves.

Miguel:  I always wonder who listenes to it ’cause it’s so popular. I mean it must be people in the sticks who like listen to nothing but country music you know?

Joe:  Yeah. It’s got to be people way out in the sticks. Nobody that I know really listens to it.

Miguel:  Right.



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It’s obvious that Joe is not a country music fan. While he does like some of the female singers, he doesn’t like country music in general. He especially doesn’t like the way men sound when they sing with a country twang.
Although Joe and I don’t like country music, I encourage you to give it a try. Who knows? You might like it!
Are you a country music fan? Who are your favorite artists? Let us know! Come to the MUSIC MIX message board today.
Have a great week,



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07:03 PM Feb 16 2015 |

Jerry Galvan


Hi! I like the country music my favourite singer is Kenny Rogers and my Fail hill is Dolly Parton when Kenny came to Monterrey Mexico I went to his concert but I think that went a little time his presentation.

 You have seen to Kenny Rogers

09:36 PM Apr 14 2009 |




I hate country music

08:14 PM Dec 10 2008 |

Johnny Hwang


Certainly I love Country music since I was youthful.

01:06 AM Sep 13 2008 |


Viet Nam

i like music and County Westem Music is best.

08:15 AM Jul 06 2008 |



Hi, You guys got friends now as I do love country musics especially Collin Ray.  I love country love songs.  I love the meaning of the songs.  It's really good for my English teaching.

Bye now.




11:03 AM Apr 21 2008 |





I really like country western music I think the lyrics are profound and universal, as they recount the real American culture. What I prefer listening is the new country music with Joe Nichols, Tommy Shane Steiner (who disappeared without leaving any trace), Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw… And unfortunately, here where I live almost nobody knows or likes this kind of music so I have no one with whom to share my opinion! Anyway, thanks for the lesson!

10:14 PM Mar 02 2008 |

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