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Postal Service

Postal Service

Date: Aug 22 2004


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The Postal Service is kind of a weird name for a band. It’s a good name, though, because everyone’s been to the post office and knows what the postal service is. The name of the band came from the fact that this band doesn’t live in the same town. They used the postal service to mail music back and forth to each other. One guy would write a track. Then the other guy would record a track over that one. And so on. Isn’t that cool?


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Steph:  So Derek, I know you’re probably really sick and tired of hearing about me and my new favorite band. But, you wanna hear about me and my new favorite band?

Derek:  Sure. We could do that.

Steph:  Well, there’s this band called the Postal Service. And they’re so good!

Derek:  What kind of music is it?

Steph:  It’s, uh, basically electronic music. But the coolest thing about this music is that it was made by two guys who don’t even live in the same city.

Derek:  Really? How do they do that?

Steph:  Well, that’s the funny thing. One guy composes the music and he sends it to the other guy using the postal service.

Derek:  Oh. I get it. So that’s their, uh, catch?

Steph:  Yeah. That’s their catch. That’s their little shtick, ya know?

Derek:  Their tag line.

Steph:  Their tag line. Yeah. And it works. I mean.

Derek:  Very good.

Steph:  It’s good music, so.

Derek:  Well, maybe you should, uh, bring one of their CDs and I can listen to it.

Steph:  That might be a good idea. Yeah. I’ll try that. Maybe I’ll send it to you using the postal service.

Derek:  That’s a good idea. At least you can trust the one, the postal service with their own.

Steph:  Right. Exactly.



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The first time I ever heard the Postal Service, I was living in Germany. I had been living there for two years and I was about to come home, to Portland. My friend, Emily, came to visit and brought their new CD with her. I must’ve listened to it a thousand times during that two week period. Now when I listen to it, I am reminded of Germany and my excitement to come home to the Northwest. Do you have music that reminds you of a certain time or place?


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