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The Gym

The Gym

Date: Aug 18 2006


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Gyms are common in the United States. Awareness about obesity in this country has increased, and in recent years, there have been many TV shows about weight loss, from Dr. Phil’s weight loss challenge, to prime time weight loss competitions.

Of course, a lot of folks at the gym are not fat. They work out to reduce stress and stay in shape.

But for some people, working out becomes an obsession. Listen to Logan and Kevin chat about them.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Logan:  I got this membership to 24-hour Fitness, um, and I’ve liked it for the most part. However there are times where I go in there during the midday maybe, you know, about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and you don’t think anybody’s gonna be in there, but you’d be surprised and there’s just these that look like their muscles are gonna pop out of their skin.

Kevin:  It’s a meat market, right? Like, people who work out all the time. It’s, like, the weight training just never stops.

Logan:  Right, they don’t… they’re not going in there for the sport of it, they’re going in there cause they’re obsessed and they just can’t… it’s all they wanna focus on is just getting bigger, and not necessarily using in the cardiovascular aspect of working out and …

Kevin:  They’re just one big muscle, right?

Logan:  Right, yeah,

Kevin:  Just one big mass, no neck.

Logan:  Yeah, they just wanna become bigger and bigger until basically, they… yeah, like, the muscles burst.

Kevin:  I mean I don’t know what’s worse, like, being one big muscle or being obese. I think I’d prefer to be obese myself, at least it’s some fun.

Logan:  Well, see, I go in there to just to stay toned, and not to… not… and to build muscle too, but not to become, you know, like we say, like a meathead. But it’s just, you know, to keep… and it feels amazing after, you know, you run a mile and you lift for, like, an hour and a half. Yeah. It’s just… it… And it does… it… I do see how it can become addicting. You know, you see these guys in there with personal trainers, and then they…

Kevin:  Which are really expensive…

Logan:  They figure it out after the personal trainer aspect. They start doing it themselves. They get really into it because they know how to do it now and they just never stop.



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A lot of Americans have gym memberships. What about in your country? Do a lot of people work out? Do you work out?

Do you think Americans are more obsessed with body and diet than people from other countries?

Do you like to exercise? How often do you exercise? What kind of exercise do you do? Biking? Skate boarding? Hiking? Weight training?
Do you work out alone or with friends?



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I like Gym and everything turns around it, execise, relax, meeting people and so on but I prefer sports you can do in open area like running, bicycling maybe climbing and so on

07:18 AM May 23 2013 |

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Hong Kong

I almost go to gym everyday. Even I can’t go, I will do home exercise. I think that we also need to do another sport to make our body sharp well.

06:04 AM May 23 2013 |




I come from American Continent and like other friend ’s opinions  from here , it is a lifestyle . there are a plenty of people  how love to workout and I am not speaking just going at gym. some people have prefeences in doing other kinds of activities or hobbies, and this is a great hobbie because it help you to keep health too, also  working out has help to many people to get confidence because this way to live has helped to changes their bodies.

My workout  is based in weight training along with bodyweight training like pull up, push up, squats etc. Bodyweight training can be perfomed in anywhere with minimun equipment. 

 In gym I have good friends, who enjoy like me workoing out , it is part of our lifes.



10:20 PM May 22 2013 |



United States

I go to the gym 5 times in a week, i think it’s very good to exercise whenever you can, to help you prevent obesity and to be in a better shape.

01:48 PM May 02 2013 |

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I’ve just found out this topic, well , personally I work out, 4 times at week, I think it’s so interesting to practice sports, whatever it is ! Our body needs a little bit of that daily or at least about one time at week, we’ve got to make a better health, and that’s the way, I knew many friends working out , it’s also a way to overcome the stress, after a long day of work , we need really to get down  stress which has been accumulated all day long…

To answer about working out in my country, I’ll say that it’s progressing, 4 years ago I haven’t seen many person doing gym , but now it get very common. 

I’ve not a big idea about guys in America , but I want to points out , that up there , they have means , they use even protein as well as a water bottle, so I think that’s why people have gym more than other countries, and it’s not an obsession , it’s just a way of living , it can be passion too.. 

Anyway , doing exercise it’s a great thing, so we’ve got to continue.. 

11:29 PM Mar 30 2013 |




I think the gym is a good place to have relax and made you health strong! Not just for to have big muscles. People who have big strong muscle and work out every day it’s not machines! It’s just people who love it and do it their style of life! Should be treated with understanding and respect for such people, but not to be judged as about piece of meat. Because, someone loves cars, another loves motorbike. It’s style of life! 

I go to the gym too! I love sport at all! Can’t imagine life without activity! So, I go for myself, for my body and for my health! And I respect every people who overcome themself fear and laziness and come to the gym!

07:51 PM Mar 30 2013 |




yeah, I have worked out several months with friends. i usually exercise three times a week.
As a man,i dislike the muscle that looks like bread, but it’s important to build muscle.

09:47 AM Nov 21 2006 |




In Taiwan, more and more people get gym memberships and work out more often than before. It’s a good phenomenon i think.

06:14 PM Aug 19 2006 |



Russian Federation

Exercising is my hobby. I like it the same as most people like to watch TV.I work out from time to time…need to find my will-power to start jogging on my days off.I ask just in case: haven’t you seen it?

12:26 PM Aug 18 2006 |




i have been working out for 3 years from now. For me it’s part of my daily routine & not for obsession but more on health consciousness.

01:42 AM Aug 18 2006 |

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