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Watching Movies

Watching Movies

Date: Aug 30 2006


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

In recent years, the movie theaters have struggled to compete with DVD rentals. When movies like Lost in Translation and Ray were released on DVD, theater attendance waned. Movie tickets have become very expensive. It’s much cheaper to rent the The DaVinci Code DVD for a few bucks than to take your date to the cinema.

Furthermore, many people have comfy couches and surround sound in their living rooms. No parking, no crowds, no schedule. Staying home has its perks.

Logan and Erin discuss the benefits of watching a movie at home.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Logan:  It… you know, nowadays, I mean, about, maybe six or seven years ago before technology advanced and leather couches came into play, uh, I would say go to a theater. But now it only takes, maybe, three or four months tops for it come out on DVD, if that, it’s like two months, three months…

Erin:  Yeah.

Logan:  And now, you know, they have the surround sound systems at home now…

Erin:  Exactly.

Logan:  ... and they have, you know, they… yeah, you might call me a couch potato if I’m sitting on my couch watching a movie, but it’s better than spending the, you know, what is it now? $8 for a movie?

Erin:  Yeah. Unless you go to a matinee, which is, like, you know, a whole dollar less. Big deal.

Logan:  Exactly. But, you know, there’s some people that actually like the theater, you know, the whole scene, the, you know, the snacks, snack bar, and they have the bones to, to go and actually see a movie and pay you know, your eight, nine dollars or whatever, matinee or not.

Erin:  Yeah. Well, I still like going to the movie theater every once in a while ‘cause it’s just, it’s something to do and I like seeing special effects, like, in the big screen, but, um…

Logan:  It’s definitely cheaper to stay home though and rent the three dollars a movie.

Erin:  I would say 90 per cent of the time I would like to stay at home and just rent because you have your food there, I mean it’s not a snack bar…

Logan:  Bathroom.

Erin:  Yeah. And you can pause it if you want to. It, it’s just… I like it better at home.



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Erin agrees with Logan that renting a movie has more appeal than going out to the theater.

Logan points out how expensive movies have gotten. And he doesn’t care if people think he’s a couch potato.

Erin likes to go to the theater now and then, especially for movies with a lot of special effects. But she prefers to rent.

When you want to watch a movie, do you go to the theater or stay home? Why?



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It depend which movie I want to see, if it’s a very good film I prefer going to theatre and I try to take perks to pay cheaper. But if movie is very average, then I prefer staying at home.

Sometimes it’s very pleasant to go outside, and go to theatre is a very beautiful experience! =)

05:28 PM Jul 19 2013 |


United States

To watch movies is my passion and i love to go with all the time as well. recrently i have watched some good movies like mission impossible and underworld 4 that have make me interesting towards the new movies ahead.

Movies Streaming

05:52 AM Feb 18 2012 |



Sri Lanka

I occationally watch movie at home becasue it in as expensive as in theater.


05:23 AM Mar 30 2008 |



I like to stay at home watching a movie. It is more comfortable and I can do it whenever I can.

01:50 PM Jun 20 2007 |



I would rather watch a movie at home because it is more comfortable and I can make sometime to watch it whenever I want. That's a big difference.

01:48 PM Jun 20 2007 |



I’m a typical moviegoer. I watch DVDs rarely because they can’t give me a feeling of escape from the real life, but cinema can. I enjoy the big screen, Dobby sound and the quietness and cheer of the audience. The mood of cinema leads me to another world that home theater can’t give me.
Donna from Hong Kong

02:35 PM Aug 30 2006 |



I also prefer watching a movie at home.But sometimes it’s really fun to go with your friends to the cinema.I don’t wanna miss that..

02:11 PM Aug 30 2006 |




Watching a movie at home is more comfortable and cheaper.

05:54 AM Aug 30 2006 |

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