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An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

Date: Sep 08 2006


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Former US Vice President Al Gore appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night television show to promote his book and film. Both are titled An Inconvenient Truth and were released earlier this summer.

The long-time environmentalist says that our wasteful ways are leading the world into a future of global warming. Glaciers will melt glaciers and ocean levels will rise. But Gore remains optimistic, insisting that it’s not too late to change our fate.

Supporters applaud Gore’s attempt to get people thinking about their own impact on the environment. But critics say Gore’s predictions lack sufficient scientific evidence.

Listen to Mason and Kevin talk about the future of our planet.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Mason:  Have you gotten out to see, uh, An Inconvenient Truth yet?

Kevin:  I have. I saw it a few weeks ago. It’s very powerful.

Mason:  Absolutely. Absolutely.

Kevin:  Uh, it’s amazing to me that some people, including “W[/def]” himself, George Bush, believe that it’s total hogwash.

Mason:  Like, I know that’s kinda the case, right, but, serious, I’m sure you agree with me, after watching the movie, which is very factually presented, it’s not, it’s not like some liberal ax to grind. It’s just, like, here is information. And we feel that if you absorb it, you will come to this conclusion. It’s kind of inescapable.

Kevin:  Yes, I mean, the, the reality is when it’s 115 degrees in Portland, that is not normal.

Mason:  It’s a scary thing. I mean, like, the movie is frightening, you know, and it confronts you with a very frightening reality and for me, it compelled me to make some small changes and that’s really all it’s asking from everyone is like, if everyone makes a small change, it makes a big change in the, you know, global sense.

Kevin:  Like, it really made me think, and th—I mean for a long time, I, I’ve taken my coffee cup to the coffee shop, but, when I do that, which is almost every day, to, to remember that, you know, to not throw all this stuff away and to, you know, just, do that as often as I can. You know, and obviously you can’t always do that, but it’s still important.

Mason:  Elsewise, it’ll be the apocalypse.

Kevin:  Exactly.



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An Inconvenient Truth had an impact on both Mason and Kevin. They are concerned about global warming. They even do things in their everyday lives to help lesson their impact on the environment. For example, Kevin takes his own mug to the coffee shop, to avoid using the disposable paper cups.

Do you think global warming is real? Do you think what you do in your own life has an effect on the environment?



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United States

There is the defination of “liberal” on here.  That is really not how most Americans are, they are “conservative”.  President Obama is a liberal tyrant.  He does not speak for the majority of Americans.

04:52 AM Jun 08 2014 |



United States

No, this is all bullcrap, we are not hurting our earth, this is all a bunch of lies.

04:43 AM Jun 08 2014 |




Yes, certainly what we do in our lives has direct effects on the enviornoment, for example an increase of Carbon dioxide can cause heat polution which can make the earth warmer, use of both pestiside and herbiside sprays may extend the chemical polution through wind, water and soil all over the planet, as you see its our duty and responsibility today to be aware of disadvantages of special substance we got used to using…cosmetics are the other group of chemical material that influences the nature so much.

06:51 PM Jun 07 2014 |




06:50 AM Jun 03 2009 |




interesting lesson

10:45 AM Feb 05 2009 |




yeah, it is true.
global warming impact lot.

03:14 PM Apr 07 2007 |

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