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Date: Apr 24 2003


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“If I were good enough, I would have done it. But as is, I would have looked kind of dorky doing it’
- Robin Thicke, singer/songwriter, talking about riding a mountain bike in his music video.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

foolish, stupid, uncool, awkward, unnatural

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Dorky” is a very loose adjective that can be used in many different situations. You can use “dorky” to describe anything that just doesn’t seem cool. For example, your dad could be “dorky” if he wears clothes that are out of style. Or, your little brother could be dorky if he tries to dance and he’s not a good dancer. (Calling someone “dorky” could be insulting, so please be careful when using the term.)


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””Dude, that jacket is so dorky. I can’t believe you’re wearing it. What if we see some cute girls? They’re going to think you’re such a geek.”“

””My mom is so dorky. I’m so embarrassed when she picks me up from school. She always wears the dorkiest clothes.”“

””Mary Ann is such a dork. She always tries to sing along to the songs on the radio, but she doesn’t actually know any of the words. She sounds so stupid.”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

dorky means stupid, fool or looking idiot
by DeSiDeRaTa (Elfaiha, Kuwait)
i think that the word dorky means fool or stupid, or he would be an idiot.
by nikos evaggelia (Athens, Greece)
I think it means clumsy or ridicoulous.
by litsa (Athens, Greece)
by Melanie (Munich, Germany)
by bia (sp, brasil)
by Jane (JB, Malaysia)
unnatural; this adjective describes the situation when someone pretends to achieve something beyond his/her ability
by Elaine Lu (Taipei, Taiwan)
lack of skill, experience.
by yu-yun (Taipei, Taiwan)
dorky means someone is a little bit stupid, or s/he is poor at some fields.
by Cosette (Taiwan)
stupid, foolish or something like that, or a green hand.
by calvin (Guangzhou, China)
“If I were good enough, I would have done it. But as is, I would have looked
kind of dorky(silly, not serious, lame, stupid) doing it.”
by Asad (Karachi, Pakistan)
dorky means stupid!!
by tsz yan lam
I think “Dorky” means a stupid or boring person that other people laugh at.
by Leyda (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Dorky means stupid
by Tero (Brazil)
I think it means someone looks stupid or foolish when doing something.
by mosky (Taipei, ROC)
It means awkward, clumsily or unskillfully performed, not skillful at doing something.
by Haibo (Wuhan, China)
i guess “dorky” means nerdy, unpopular, look like a bookworm. to describe someone is not skill in something, do it worse
by rosemary (Shengzhen, China )
I guess you use “dorky” when you do something in a silly manner; strange or awkward, which may provoke others to laugh at ya!!!
by Alex (Merida, Mexico)
weird, strange
by Marcelo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Marry ann is really so docky(_)

07:18 AM Mar 06 2008 |

Pink Angel

Pink Angel

Saudi Arabia

i like that word

06:04 AM Jan 02 2008 |



I know one person, she is so dorky

12:09 PM Nov 27 2007 |



i want to be a cool person instead of a dork,but dork is sometimes very lovely,isn’t it?

06:23 AM Nov 10 2007 |



by Sidney (Brazil)
means be foosih in some occasion

12:53 PM Oct 25 2007 |




06:01 PM Oct 20 2007 |



i learn it

07:27 PM Oct 17 2007 |



you have dorky jeans

02:04 PM Oct 04 2007 |

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