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Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Date: May 26 2021


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Put a pre-pubescent girl who wants to win a beauty contest, her angst-ridden teen-aged brother, her loving, mischievous grandfather and her gay uncle who has just tried to commit suicide together in an old VW bus with her well-meaning but stressed out parents and you’ve got the road trip for the movie Little Miss Sunshine, a poignant comedy about the American family.

Mason and Kevin loved the movie, which stars Alan Arkin, Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear. Listen to them chat about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  You know what I caught, like, a week ago?

Kevin:  What?

Mason:  And, I mean, it’s almost out… it’s out on DVD now, I think, so I waited way too long but… Little Miss Sunshine.

Kevin:  Great.

Mason:  I don’t know how I missed this movie the entire summer.

Kevin:  I thought it was probably the best movie I saw this summer.

Mason:  To me, it’s like, kinda neck and neck with Borat for the funniest movie of the year.

Kevin:  Mm hm. They’re totally different.

Mason:  They’re just, they’re a different kind of funny so I don’t even wanna have to pick.

Kevin:  Yeah.

Mason:  Uh, the cast was great. It’s just small little, happy little movie.

Kevin:  Very funny.

Mason:  Uh, well, see… is… you got to go see it so much more, like, so much sooner than me, what, what… how did you know?

Kevin:  How did I know to see it?

Mason:  Yeah, like, were you just bored or, like, did you…?

Kevin:  I was just, I was actually just walking past the Fox Tower and saw it was playing. And someone had mentioned…

Mason:  That it was good?

Kevin:  ... that it was supposed to be good so I walked in and saw it.

Mason:  Wow.

Kevin:  And I thought it was so well done.

Mason:  I had no… I thought it was gonna be a lot more dramatic. I didn’t think it was just gonna be this kind of really outrageous comedy. Uh, Steve Carell I love.

Kevin:  He’s good.

Mason:  I mean, I love pretty much everything he does, but, nothing, nothing could have prepared me.

Kevin:  There you go.



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For Mason, Little Miss Sunshine was under the radar all summer. When he finally saw it, he was blown away.

Kevin had heard the movie was great. He happened by a theater where it was playing and decided to go in and see it. He loved it.

They both thought the movie was hilarious.

Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine?



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11:09 AM Nov 14 2010 |




I haven't seen this movieCool

05:36 PM Dec 27 2008 |




Wow ive watched it and its one of my favourite movies!! I love all actors Alan Arkin, Steve Carrel, and Toni Collette :D. This is a unique comedy, you cant miss it, even if you dont like it (rare) youll surely have a comment!! It won the Oscar for movie of the year(2007), im totally agreed!!

12:01 AM Dec 01 2008 |



Russian Federation

now I wanna see this movie….

03:45 PM Jul 24 2008 |




i haven't catch it all

03:20 PM Jun 21 2008 |



I never get tired of watching this movie again and again.

This is real life; This is real world people; One like the director who can get laugh even something inspiring from this life,this world, is a real sensible man.

Anyone who loves comedy and loves life must not miss it. You'll get laugh and tears.


I love the family people – all of them!

04:29 AM May 22 2008 |




i have seen the movie.It's wonderful. As sapare-aude said,it's thoughtful.  "Life is like one beauty contest after another. ""You can do whatever you want."  "the suffering in life may be the best and important part of your life." These are what i learn from the movie. I like the interesting family very much.

08:36 AM Feb 12 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have'nt seen this movie so far.but i'm interested to watch it.

10:28 AM Nov 24 2007 |


Hong Kong

i 've watched it ! it's fantastic and well-produced !!!!Cool

08:52 AM Sep 17 2007 |



very interesting movie!

i want to catch it!

04:05 AM Jun 15 2007 |



very interesting movie!

i want to catch it!

04:05 AM Jun 15 2007 |




i like this movie

08:34 AM Jun 14 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K


Like into all

03:02 PM May 03 2007 |



I have seen this movie
nice one

02:18 PM Feb 07 2007 |

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