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stay the course

stay the course

Date: Feb 15 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“We will stay the course, we will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed…”

George W. Bush talking about his plan for Iraq.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

continue with the current plan or policy; persist with the course of action

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

In several speeches and interviews throughout the duration of the ongoing war in Iraq, President Bush has said that we must stay the course in order to win the war.

This expression is often used in military and sports situations.

A discouraged platoon often needs encouragement to stay the course when they are exhausted and scared.

When a government is having trouble with a policy decision that perhaps isn’t working as planned, some may argue to stay the course in order to give the policy more time to work.

Do you think the US should stay the course in Iraq?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Sometimes when things get tough, you just have to stay the course and trust that things will get better.”

“I’m so tired, I just want to drop out of school. But if I stay the course, I’ll graduate in one year.”

“Many people around the world are questioning Bush’s decision to stay the course in Iraq. They think it’s time to start withdrawing troops from the area, not sending more over there.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Isn't it to keep on doing something?
by BrazilianGirl
Bo-Gaber He means that they've not changed their plan about what's supposed to be doing..or they'll keep doing what they've planned for ..
by Bo-Gaber
continue what's been doing.
by gracemlui
Romeo2007 it means we will stay to the same plan.
by Romeo2007
we continue
by jemp
xiahong be persisted in doing something, adhere to their policy to Iraq
by xiahong
I suppose, "stay the course" means to continue the same way as done before without changing something
by Gaertner
keep the course going
by violet_wx
kml I think stay the course mean hang on . When we encounter some troubles, we have to stay the course till succeed.
by kml
continue a plan or a project
by sheismermaid
as long as it takes
by badermohammed
constfang Stay the course maybe mean keep to the principal.
by constfang
di3s3l I would guess he is saying the US will maintain the same line of action when it regards to Iraqi. The president thinks he is on the right way and the US will keep giving support to "this young democracy".
by di3s3l
will keep it as it is
by anna1
He will support this project to continue.
by waleedmahmoud
to maintain the same policy and continue to implement it
by ejjoo
I guess that at this point of difficulty we will be with the Iraq people for the existence of young Iraq democracy. In other words they will be stay further over there.
by t_nanu@rediffmail.com
Nida786 follow the line which we have selected keep going on some decisions
by Nida786
wow-kokoro stay at the same position about smth continue doing what have been doing before
by wow-kokoro
lau_jia Well, i guess bush means his men will change to live in Iraq untill they are all killed by the bomb.
by lau_jia
continue doing the same thing
by chilena12
continue the plan applying
by alnaimi
JazzThing The government won't stop "helping" the Iraq...
by JazzThing
stay to the end
by akivi
We shall continue with our course(i.e. military involvement)
by starship109
dodojojo continue his plan and stick to stay at Iraqi
by dodojojo
anano83 don't give up doing something, keep going, follow the same course...
by anano83
stick to the plan
by desireest
insist on,go on.
by moonboat
go on to complete we have started.
by aalsardafya
hold on, not giving up
by simonehohoho
''We will be present all the way of the development of the democracy, we will be present untill the democracy succeeds''
by gordita
ElBeam He is going to keep the same way in his activities.
by ElBeam
云淡风轻 keep on doing something till last
by 云淡风轻
octopusio I think he meant to keep on going supporting the Iraqui democracy
by octopusio
airyzn insist on what has been decided,do something firmly
by airyzn
He tries to say that they will never stop doing these things on Iraq. They will never yield.
by darkexorcist
hakimi You will stay the failed course Mr Bush. In Iraq and all region.we lost a hope in your Democracy.
by hakimi
Y.Furu to be in the general plan that someone has to achieve
by Y.Furu
keep fighting to the end!
by smileapple
sttay until the end ?
by vna
4integrity "Stay the course" means keep doing what you are doing until work is done.
by 4integrity
You try and continue something you decided to do although it has proved to be difficult.
by minti
ranu To continue efforts to bring back democracy
by ranu
Newcastle He is willing to keep his politic in the same direction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jq0j80UB_c&eurl
by Newcastle
dringfun stick to do sth. or keep on doing sth
by dringfun
Sacola Keep taking the attitude to Iraq which he used to take.
by Sacola
Keep on helping them
by helenhorse
amlan stay the course - maintain the line of action
by amlan
nugroho persist; continue doing something to accomplish the goal
by nugroho
get to the end and not to stop or interrupt, bring to the conclusion
by eva kotkova
sara06 It is mean we will keep our recent strategy and policy .
by sara06
amado hold out and keep tracking to the end of the way
by amado
keep on the way
by shankarie
stay in the course means that you will keep going on what you have planed or what you have been doing no matter what happens,you won't give up.
by tongduytan
osatoga we will continue doing that.
by osatoga
to keep on doing things the particular way
by glazki
Lonely Stay the course means keep on/continue the way.
by Lonely

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firmly determine

09:50 PM Mar 22 2007 |




stay the course means continue the way of your aim

04:13 PM Feb 15 2007 |




My Guess is OK!
Thanks Welwisher
All credits Goes to you…

09:07 AM Feb 15 2007 |




I keep staying the course to learn English

08:00 AM Feb 15 2007 |

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