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takes my breath away

takes my breath away

Date: Mar 22 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I mean, this is the Oscars. It sort of takes my breath away.”

Jennifer Hudson talking about how she felt on the Red Carpet at the Oscars.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

overwhelms me; blows me away; fills me with joy; renders me speechless; makes me feel overcome

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Jennifer Hudson was an instant success in the movie Dream Girls. She is new to Hollywood and to the world of fame. So when she walks down the red carpet at the Oscars she is a bit overwhelmed. The whole thing takes her breath away because she is so happy to be a part of it.

The best and worst things in life take our breath away.

One thing that usually takes our breath away is love or sexual attraction. If you see a woman that you think is beautiful, you can say, “She takes my breath away.”

If your friends give you a wonderful birthday party and tell you much they love you, that might take your breath away. Being honored by all your friends can be very overwhelming; it can fill you with joy.

Bad news can also take your breath away. In the US, when news spread about what had happened on 9/11, it took people’s breath away. People were speechless as they tried to understand the horror of what had happened.

What takes your breath away?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Seeing Beck in concert takes my breath away. He is an amazing dancer!”

“After five years, my boyfriend still takes my breath away. I think he is the most handsome man ever.”

“The thought of publishing a book takes my breath away. It is a lifelong dream of mine.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

wendy wang sit refers to it is so unbelieveably fancinating and attractive that u are overcome by it
by wendy wang
I am too excited to breathe.
by crescent_2008
amazing or incredible (owing to excitement)
by davidleefranklin
she doesn't expect anything at all.she cant imagine.
by smbsalvo
so nervous
by smileapple
She is trying to say that is like to feel exited because she is in a big situation.
by paredes
It is very beautiful,amazing.
by Atia
Y.Furu to be exteamly beautiful, exciting
by Y.Furu
dazzles me
by wonkapet
osatoga It's something really atonishing or unbelievable.
by osatoga
she meant that she couldn't breath because she was so excited
by isabellaego
smog feel nervous.
by smog
darren2008 so excited, can't even breath
by darren2008
aleena Awesome or momentous that one literally gasps or holds one's breath.
by aleena
dringfun excited,nervous and unexpected
by dringfun
She cannot beleive it. She´s glad about it.
by pamelak
by periwinkle.chic
Shock one, with pleasure, surprise, or some other emotion.
by daniloprates
I´m so amazed by a situation that I can hardly breath(inhale air)...
by chip
It takes me in shock because I never expected something like this to happen to me.
by fidiasjose
Besides the fact that she loves the Oscars Show, being on the Red Carpet is highly exciting for her.
by il teachesseur
云淡风轻 too excited/happy to control myself and I can't believe it
by 云淡风轻
very exciting
by zhonganny
nostsaber agitate and impress
by nostsaber
qiongshuw choke and extreme excitement
by qiongshuw
spangi to be more than excited about something
by spangi
patriot Being excited about something.
by patriot
Anastasiya to excite
by Anastasiya
it may decribe the speaker's overjoy
by happypineapple
Blue-Smile She had an overwhelming feeling.
by Blue-Smile
anano83 makes me feel anxious, excited.
by anano83
amlan gives you a feeling of awe.
by amlan
She was delight.
by seabird2201
Lubov It's when you can`t breath free, it because of something very exciting
by Lubov
blue lily she's extremely happy....
by blue lily
To put into a state of awe or shock
by rayz
gaggot shock emotion because be very happy with anything
by gaggot
by akaritti
wendy wang i think it means"something is so fancinating/attractive that u are totally caught in it. "
by wendy wang

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Viet Nam

to have so strong feelings about extremely good or bad things that i dont know how to react

12:46 PM Feb 03 2011 |




to surprise somebody very much/the spectacular view took our breath away.

04:44 AM Jul 27 2007 |



Every time you touch me it takes my breath away,
every time i feel you breath it takes my breath away,
even the way to speak the in the old tounge,
takes my breath away and when you not there,
it’s like i can’t breath,

07:47 AM Jul 26 2007 |



i want to make new friends this is my msn:sunshanita86@hotmail.com

02:01 PM Apr 18 2007 |




so excited…....no control on my self

05:30 PM Apr 13 2007 |




his smile takes my breath away.

01:40 PM Apr 13 2007 |




more than excited, leasure, suprising and wonderful.lovely moment

01:55 AM Mar 27 2007 |


Viet Nam

When one of my friends said ” I love you”. It took my breath away cause I didn’t recognize that before.

01:40 PM Mar 25 2007 |




in my favourate movie Hitch,that he said:life is not the amout of breath you take,it is the moments that takes your breath away

06:42 PM Mar 23 2007 |




when I gasp widely and nothing came from my tongue,it,s called taking my breath away, something amazing,exciting.

11:15 AM Mar 23 2007 |




For me girl,car,motorbike whateva is it must be wonderful or unfuckingbelievable hahahaahaaaa

07:07 PM Mar 22 2007 |




i got angry on my girlfreind and said”go to hell” so he left me just only on this sentence,,, so when i rely understood that she wanna left me it realy took my breath away…...lol

06:42 PM Mar 22 2007 |

archana bopche


shock emotion beause be very happy or very sad

08:41 AM Mar 22 2007 |



checking my scores of CET6 through internet takes my breath away.

08:35 AM Mar 22 2007 |



“If the cloud know”,the song of the “no thieves in the world” really takes my breath away.try to get it and listen.hurry!

08:25 AM Mar 22 2007 |

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