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Trash Talking

Trash Talking

Date: May 31 2007

Topic: Conversational English

Author: phoogoo


My brother and I went to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game last Tuesday. I have to say, there was a lot of trash talking at the game. I heard a lot of Yankee fans shout things like "Red Sox suck," or "go home Red Sox fans." Even though there were not nearly as many Red Sox fans they could certainly dish it out as well.  It helped that the Red Sox crushed the Yankees 7-3. We even saw one fan spit on another fan. If it were the Mariners or the A's or something it might not have been so heated. But the Yankees and Red Sox have a rivalry that goes back a long way.



Yankees (n.)- One of New Yorks professional baseball teams located in the Bronx

Red Sox (n.) - Boston's baseball team

trash talk (n.) - when someone yells insults at another person

trash talk (v.) - yelling insults 

suck (v. slang) - to be bad, not cool, not good - it's a pretty strong word

dish out (v.) - to attack 

crush (v.) - to beat someone by a wide margin or by a lot of points

Mariners (n. ) - Seattle's baseball team

A's (n.) - Oakland's baseball team 

heated (adj.) - angry or confrontational

rivalry (n.) - when one person or team has a long time competition with another one, sometimes to the point where each one hates the other. 


These were our seats in Yankee Stadium 


Is it common in other cultures for people to trash talk? What do people trash talk about? Sports? Politics? Relationships? Fashion? Is it serious or just a friendly game?


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this lesson was very useful for me,I learnt a lot

11:16 AM Aug 22 2007 |




06:46 AM Aug 22 2007 |

Darcy VIViani


why trasch talking

06:12 PM Aug 21 2007 |

Darcy VIViani


why trasch talking

06:12 PM Aug 21 2007 |

Darcy VIViani


i loved allthe lessons

06:10 PM Aug 21 2007 |

Shirley Marie Bradby

United States

This is a very good lesson and it speaks about a very sensitive subject. Violence at sports events is increasing and people continue to  behave very badly. In fact ...it has become dangerous to even go to see a game! : (

04:22 PM Aug 21 2007 |



a lesson like that is so goog ´cuz make people discuss about many problems..and i lot of point of view are explained…and shered.

keep on this way…it´s so constructive.

05:04 PM Aug 18 2007 |



thank you , verygood lesson we dont have like this game but its good to know<

10:03 PM Aug 17 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

soo good i like it soo much

01:01 AM Aug 17 2007 |


United Kingdom

hi. trash talking is normally just for fun, it's not normally done to hurt the other person. it's when you "make fun of" someone (say funny, insulting things about them) or try to insult them.

07:10 PM Aug 16 2007 |




Nice to be part of you all , I think I learn here more than any other place in the internet . Thanks

02:54 PM Aug 16 2007 |



that's fine continue please

02:45 PM Aug 16 2007 |




10:17 AM Aug 16 2007 |




Thanks for the very useful lesson. Though its bad thing, I think it's quite normal to hear such bad words in such rivalry matches. 

08:17 AM Aug 16 2007 |



i like this lesson but i'm a girl i cant really imagine the yelling things or attack. it's in my eyes just like some show in the movie not really exist in real life. cos none of my friends like that kind of sports, soccer or baseball. yeah, my bf is a super fan of soccer but he is a mature guy no longer do that trush talk thing. insulting others just for a game really not good, maybe belongs young age.


01:30 AM Aug 16 2007 |



Viet Nam

This is my first time to learn a lesson here and this lesson is really very useful. Thank you.

12:00 PM Aug 14 2007 |

rosellie jade


  • i've learn a lot of vocabs here in english baby, i hope you guys would keep on giving such intresting lessonsLaughing 

02:17 AM Aug 14 2007 |



trash talking is a cuture.in some place,many people want to spill out their dissatisfaction,when they usually say some strong word.maybe,somebody who don't experience it can not understand it.in fact,every one has a dark side,the nasty words just reveal the dark side of the people.

08:19 AM Aug 13 2007 |




Hello to all , thanx to all people who want to help me to learn english , nice to meet you all

09:18 PM Aug 11 2007 |

Longking Penn


Trash talking can be funing, but mostly it causes anger, hate and violence.

03:26 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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