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Date: Aug 17 2007

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Generally, Americans are not all that comfortable with nudity. While advertisements in Europe feature topless women, a woman can be arrested for showing her breasts on an American street.

Luckily for those who enjoy seeing breasts and those who enjoy showing them off, the United States is full of strip clubs. These are places that only adults can go that sometimes serve alcohol and sometimes don’t, but always feature naked dancers. Customers give the dancers money based on how much they enjoy their performances.

Some states and cities have different laws about how much clothing a dancer can take off and if he or she can touch customers or not. Portland, Oregon, where Amanda and Jason live, happens to be one the best places for strip clubs in the world.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So you know what’s weird is that some cities and states and countries have different laws regarding strip clubs, so you can never really count on what it’s gonna be like if you go somewhere else and you want to see a strip club.

Amanda:  Did you know that Portland, next to Tampa, Florida, has the most strip clubs per capita.

Jason:  I did.

Amanda:  Makes me pretty proud.

Jason:  Makes me proud too. They’re all different too. Some of them specialize in women with tattoos and some of them have heavier girls.

Amanda:  What’s your thing? Your niche?

Jason:  I like the tattooed strip club here.

Amanda:  How do you know what a strip club offers?

Jason:  How do you know what a strip club offers? I think it’s just word of mouth. You just have to talk to people and find out. Strippers are usually really friendly…

Amanda:  Well they’re usually working moms.

Jason:  It’s true. And they figure you’ll tip them more if you become friends with them kind of.

Amanda:  Have you noticed that in strip clubs it’s become a little more mainstream and you see just as many women clientele as you do male to see the female dancers.

Jason:  Why do you think that is?

Amanda:  I’m not sure.

Jason:  I have several female friends who find it fun to go there.

Amanda:  It’s just not taboo anymore. It’s not. A female figure is going to be more beautiful to both genders than a male figure, I think.

Jason:  You think so? I guess that would explain why there are far more clubs that feature female dancers.

Amanda:  Absolutely.



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Amanda and Jason are both proud that their city has the most strip clubs per person other than Tampa, Florida. There are so many different clubs in Portland that they have different specialties. Jason likes the club that focuses on tattooed women.

Amanda asks how one can know what to expect from a strip club and Jason says that you just find out by talking to people. The dancers themselves are really friendly, he says, so that you’ll pay them more. Amanda notes that a lot of strippers are working to support their kids.

In recent years, a lot more women have been going to strip clubs. Jason and Amanda aren’t sure why strip clubs have become more popular with women, but they suspect that it has something to do with the fact that strip clubs are becoming more accepted. Plus, a nude female is often nicer to look at than a nude male, which also explains why only a few strip clubs feature naked men dancing.

How do people feel about nudity where you live? Are there strip clubs?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

for women setting their hair free is haram, singing is haram, dancing is haram, ...here in islamic republic where deprives the minute rights of covering and life style let alone club and strip club!

03:33 PM Feb 01 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it has been banned by government and religion in my country.i have never been in abroad but if i go there, the thing i would see is strip clubs.it would be amazing experience.i would most like to visit the strip clubs specialize in naked men dancing.seeing people with a very different culure coulde be a challenge.by the way i am comfortable with nudity.

08:35 AM Jan 30 2015 |



it is not good topic it is shameful topic and it is not acceptable for all religion . we are forbiden strip women

07:43 AM Dec 12 2011 |



Russian Federation

Isn't it weird?! You write that "Generally, Americans are not all that comfortable with nudity", but there are a lot of strip clubs…

 How can you be proud of it?!!

Why did you post such topic? I think this a shame to have such topic at esl website…

Why not talk about prostitutes then and drugs and ripers? 

Come on! What's wrong with you, guys?!!!

I am an EFL teacher in Russia and my students are adults, but I will never give them such topic for discussion…

 It's very sad when a woman is a stripper… people like her body and want her, but they do NOT respect her.

Nobody will like the ide of seing their mother/daughter or sister as stripper.

07:02 AM Feb 18 2010 |

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eeey guys you are doing a very good job dont listen TO ZEUS 2006

02:11 AM Feb 27 2009 |




Yeah, it's really nice topic. I live in Europe and there is many strip club too. I think it's not bed about strip, this is culture lifestyle Europe and America. Cool

11:11 AM Jan 16 2009 |




i live in Malaysia,i haven't been to the strips club ,but i think it's shouldn't have club here..it's not suitable for people who majority Muslim live here..i think it's shouldn't be proud if country have strip club ,just me….

04:21 PM Jun 10 2008 |



In Mexico streaptease clubs are permitted by the law, if they hace permission by the goverment.

There are clubs with female or male dancers, but mostly female strippers.

Many people confuse streptease with prostitution but it´s not real. Most of the female only dance until they are naked. You can watch but not touch or they can dance for you in private rooms.

I don´t judge women that has to do it.

04:34 PM May 16 2008 |


Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I think that nudity it is not good to shaw like this. In my country there’s no strip club and I hope that thing never change.

10:20 AM May 16 2008 |



I find the topic relevent and within decency limits. Children should probably change site

09:07 PM Nov 17 2007 |



hi I want to learn english

who help me

06:21 AM Sep 04 2007 |




yes,strip club forbidden in China,i don't like that .and i don't go to strip club

03:52 AM Aug 24 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!


I’m not your friend.After your words it is not acceptable for me…...
’’I don’t really know what you think about me,my friend.a mindless puppet i suppose! ’’
you wrote like this.If you wrote like this’’ ........,my friend.I suppose you thought me as if I was a mindless puppet ’’at that time I wouldn’t replied you like that.I presume you should improve your English!!!!!Not me.Thanks!!!

05:43 PM Aug 19 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My friend ZEUS2006,
I highly recommend you to improve your English comprehension then join a discussion like this.

09:14 AM Aug 19 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!



''A mindless puppet''how dare you say this me?

Just I told about this stiuation is not like here to be read by  youg people as you.Just even after a movie you liked that kind of bad thing it mean your brain if you have was washed by them!!!!!!

same your words:ALWAYS USE YOUR MIND


11:40 AM Aug 18 2007 |




its very butiful topic about american culture. but we are forbidden by our religion. it is illegal in our religion. we respect our females. females are not showpiece in our religion. they should not be treated like animals.

11:33 AM Aug 18 2007 |




its very butiful topic about american culture. but we are forbidden by our religion. it is illegal in our religion. we respect our females. females are not showpiece in our religion. they should not be treated like animals.

11:33 AM Aug 18 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t really know what you think about me,my friend.a mindless puppet i suppose!I’m not the kind of person to accept something blinfolded!and I think even accepting our own pure culture without using our minds is a sort of being brain washed!but the only difference is that in this case we don’t get brain washed by as you said the USA government.It’s just so simple:always use your mind!

10:08 AM Aug 18 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!


you who prepare this site,I hope you be carefull next time while you want to add a new topic here and please don’t forget there are many young people here!!!!If you want to change here’s prestige we knew here is as a school please you must be more carefull next time !!!!THANKSSSSS

05:31 PM Aug 17 2007 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I think they should cover their bodies, it's best

04:05 PM Aug 17 2007 |

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