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Date: Aug 04 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: chrisyao


这是我的第一次抄写报刊。 我认为它是同时提高词汇写作口语的最好方法。 我希望我能每天坚持下来。
dependent MP Garth Turner to join Liberals
Independent MP Garth Turner, who was kicked out of the Tory caucus last fall, will join the Liberals, party sources have told CBC News.
The announcement that Turner is crossing the floor will be made official at 5 p.m. ET in Ottawa. Turner will be accompanied by Liberal Opposition Leader Stéphane Dion.
Turner, 58, was elected as a Conservative last year in the Ontario riding of Halton. He became an Independent last fall after he was expelled by the Tory caucus for allegedly breaching caucus confidentiality on his blog.
Turner denied the allegation, saying he was booted out because some of his beliefs were at odds with the party.
But Turner had also been critical of the government while he was a member of the party. Notably, he denounced Stephen Harper's decision to swear into cabinet David Emerson, who crossed the floor after being elected as a Liberal in January 2006.
Turner said then that anyone who crosses the floor should step down and run in a byelection.
Turner served briefly as minister of national revenue in the Progressive Conservative government of Kim Campbell.
Then a one-term MP, he was defeated in the Liberal sweep of 1993.
There had been speculation that Turner might join the Green party, which has no seats in the House. As recently as Monday, Turner had said it was an option that was still on the table.
On his blog Tuesday, Turner made no mention of his defection, saying only that "this day should be jam packed with news."

1) Be kicked out
To throw out; dismiss.
E.g. I was kicked out of Cub last fall because I often didn’t go to work on time.
2) Crossing the floor
E.g. I will cross the floor if they keep on disagreeing my opinion.
3) Riding
An administrative division or electoral division in Canada.
E.g. I was elected as NDP last year in the Alberta riding of Calgary.
4) Expelled
E.g. The pupil was expelled for stealing.
5) allegedly
声称的, 所谓的
He will be charged for allegedly bribing the government official.
6) breach
To break or violate (an agreement, for example).
e.g. They will take away my deposit for breaching rent contract.
7) confidentiality
Everyone can’t say the confidentiality about our meeting.
8) allegation
A statement asserting something without proof:
e.g. The newspaper's charges of official wrongdoing were mere allegations.
9) booted out
Slang An unceremonious dismissal, as from a job.
【俚语】 解雇:一种非礼节性免职,如从工作上的
10) at odds
at odds
e.g. some of my idea about buying house or apartment in the future always are adds with my wife.
11) be critical of
I had also been critical of some teachers while I was a student in Columbian College.


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