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woman's touch

woman's touch

Date: Aug 30 2007

Themes: Music


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I understand what humor can do. And I understand what a woman’s touch can do.”

- Singer Tori Amos on making music after motherhood. (HARP Magazine)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

the particular style or signature of a woman

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Some cultures believe that women have mysterious, magical or psychic powers. Whether or not that is the case, women often have an aesthetic outlook, or sense of style that is different from men. When a woman makes something beautiful that is particularly feminine, it is said to have a woman’s touch. A woman’s touch can also be applied to a situation, as in, “Christine managed the argument with a woman’s touch.”

Tori Amos has been making records since 1988, but she says that it wasn’t until becoming pregnant in 1997 that she was really able to add a woman’s touch to her music, which has become noticeably subtler.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Boy, your house is really poorly decorated. I think it needs a woman’s touch.”

“Our band got so much better when we added some female members. They really brought a woman’s touch.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

fadc80 I think it is something related to the woman sensibility. When they do something, they do different than a man would do.
by fadc80
it may mean a woman's instinct.it's just my guess.
by Vickiebaby
the power of women?
by degaya
GuRuru some special power just belongs to women which can cause great influence.
by GuRuru
a woman's effect; a female's effect; the effect of a woman with all she has as a female, a mother, an adult, a wife, etc
by jack london
stevenzlt the personality or charm of the woman that can appeal to the others.
by stevenzlt
i guess it means the effects and the charm of women on people
by love angle
I think it is referred to a feminine touch, especially when something needs a delicate touch such a flowers on a table.
by jotac
distinguishing style
by nusheedha
a magic touch that can add delicacy over something.
by worlda fun
katara It's means a distinguishing style, which means that a woman has special touch for doing things.
by katara
loukas The power of female action
by loukas
The particular style or signature of a woman
by Aravind3000

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

woman`s touch make them dependent on men and its the reason islam make it as taboo men touch women unless they are their husband

01:54 PM Dec 16 2012 |

jossef 002010


who called it a woman’s touch !? i think men are the ones who did so, because we (men) don’t accept anything, we seek to something different than we used to do, simply it’s a seek to beauty ! there’s nothing magical or fictional or something like that it’s simple !

06:53 PM May 27 2012 |




its means that the thing that make the style of women for doing something particular and not the same with men style.


12:36 PM Oct 13 2011 |



To be honest,i still not so clear that what’s the exact women’s touch mean although i have went though the article,just guess here,i think the mean is that women who will be influence men in the life,i think.i don’t know is right or not,who can tell me the right answer.i m really appreciate that.

08:41 AM Oct 13 2011 |




women think emotionally , men think rationally

so they are much different in the way they live ^^

05:49 AM Oct 13 2011 |

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07:15 PM Nov 13 2008 |





07:06 AM Sep 27 2007 |



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11:30 AM Sep 01 2007 |



it’s mean women allways do beautful things

10:38 AM Sep 01 2007 |

Hyeon Ju Bang

South Korea

I think woman’s touch is some kind of woman’s character.For example, usually woman is very kind,careful,sweet,etc.

11:49 PM Aug 31 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

woman”s touch
it has very deep meaning who knows
i know but i mean except me he he ;)

11:28 PM Aug 31 2007 |




I think woman’s touch in business is noticeable because always woman do their works properly and having time on it…but we guys try to do things fast and we quickly get bored of it…

09:35 AM Aug 31 2007 |



A special and sensible distinguished style given to any thing

02:34 AM Aug 31 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

there’s a mistake in the spelling of “believe” 8)

05:41 PM Aug 30 2007 |

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