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fed up

fed up

Date: Nov 24 2004


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“It came at a time when people were fed up with me anyway.”
-Elton John, speaking about taking a break from songwriting.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

when you are fed up with something, you have had enough of it and want it to stop right away; you are sick of it

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

This week, there were a lot of guesses from people who thought fed up meant ‘bored’. Fed up is actually a later stage that comes after being bored. It’s when you really are sick and tired of something.
When you are fed up with something, you can be very angry about it. Like, when my car broke down, I was fed up with paying for repairs. I was fed up with the repair man, too, because he always charged me extra money.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I am fed up with you living here! I want you to leave right now.”

“My brother is really fed up with his work situation and he wants to quit as soon as possible.”

“You know, I’m just fed up with her. She only calls when she wants something.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Unable to put up with something any longer. Grew more and more disgusted. Sick of it all. tired
by Rodrigo (Chapingo Texcoco, Mexico)
means had enough of something and can’t put up with it anymore.
by Emily (Qinhuangdao, China)
Fed up means getting tired and nervous.
Example: I’m fed up with this sanitation truck in middle night.
by Akram (Tehran, Iran)
fed up means tired of or untolerable with someone or something,
by yak (beijing, china)
Maybe it means someone feels tired of something or somebody.
by jane (shanghai, china)
be sick of, to have had enough of it
by Bene (shijiazhuang, China)
to be fed up about something, it s like to be annoyed.
“only dead fish goes with the flow”
by gregory (saint etienne, France)
be fed up with means be tired of sth.or sb.;feeling boring about sth.or sb.;and can’t stand it any more.
by lisa (dalian, china)
unable or unwilling to put up with sth any longer. For example, i left my company,because i was fed up.
by stanley (shenzhen, China)
to be fed up means to be annoyed
by mariam (tunis, tunisia)
I think fed up means when you are sick and tire from a particular situation.
by Raquel (Ensenada, Mexico)
tired of
by eunjoung (, korea)
Bored or tired of the same thing or situation. You’re fed up when you can’t bare a situation anymore.
by Nat (Sorocaba, Brazil)
“Be fed up with” is equivalent to the meaning of “be sick of”, just got tired of repeatedly doing that thing.
by Isabel (Hangzhou, China)
Fed up with somebody means had enough and don’t want more
by Ji (Hangzhou, China)
be tired of
by Bing (Cleveland, USA)
disgusted or bored (with), no longer able to tolerate something.
We’re all fed up to here with your whining and complaining.
I’m fed up—-I’m quitting this lousy job.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
fed up means having had enough or sick of (doing sothing or someone)
by Joey (XinXiang, China)
Elton John realised people were saturated, bored, disgusted at his exhuasted style and recurrent sound. Me too!
by Agustín (Chivilcoy, Argentina)
I think maybe “fed up” means “I’ve had it!”
by Michelle (Wide goose, China)
Well, it’s something very easy, when you’re fed up with something, you’re very tired with it and you cannot stand it and you want to finish something and not to worry anymore about it.
by Nahuel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
fed up’ means getting bored or had enough of things that people are no longer interested in.
by lucia (, hong kone)
to be fed up=to be tired/bored of smth./smb. a lot because of having too much of it
by Anna (Lviv, Ukraine)
I think fed up means when people do not support something anymore.
by Carla (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Fed Up: get tired of something or someone
by Romina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
you’re fed up with something when you’ve had enough of it, when you can’t bear it anymore, when it’s boring and you want a change.
by valeria (Tempio, Italia)
fed up – annoyed, bored.
by Lilia (Chisinau, Moldova)
I think “fed up” means sick and tired. Example: I’m fed up with ( I’m sick and tired of you)
by Ricardo (Salvador, Brazil)
Be fed up with somebody means be tired of somebody.
by Crystal (Chongqing, China)
Fed Up: get tired of something or someone
by Romina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
When something or somebody is boring, people will be fed up with it or him.
by Lois (Shenzhen, China)
When people were fed up with something, they were bored or tired of something that they had been experiencing for a long time.
by Matilda (Taipei, ROC)

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