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immovable particles

immovable particles

Date: Sep 06 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: hoda61


-To lead someone on: to decieve , to mislead

-To do something over: to repeat , to do again

-To tell(poeple things) apart: to distinguish between two or mor similar people or things

-To see(someone) off: to say goodbaye

-To fill (some1) in: to inform ; to give more complet information

-To tie(some1) down:to limit

 -To kick (something) around: to discuss or consider informally

 -To make up: to form, to compose

-To take up: to begin work on , to start

-To put forth: to prodice, to show, to display

 -To carry on: to conduct, to hold

-To give up: to stop(bad habit)

- To give off: to rehease, to emit or produce( a bad smell )

-To find out: to discover, to learn by investigation.

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