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get help

get help

Date: Sep 27 2007

Themes: Health


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“And unfortunately, in the next two or three years, it’s going to manifest even more unless she gets help.”

- Producer and musician Wyclef Jean on his former bandmate, Lauren Hill’s troubles with rage. (Entertainment Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

to see a psychiatrist or mental health professional

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Have you ever heard someone shout, “Get help” at a person doing something strange or crazy? It’s a common way of insulting someone you think is acting weird, and what it means is, “You need to see a doctor because you’re not alright mentally and emotionally.”

But get help is only insulting when you shout it at someone or you’re ordering someone to do it. It takes a very brave person to say, “I’ve been so depressed lately, I think I ought to get help.”

Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill used to perform together in the Fugees. They’ve both enjoyed a lot of success since the Fugees broke up in 1997, but recently Hill has been saying a lot of angry things in the press. Wyclef is worried about her, so he hopes that she gets help. You can be sure he wants the best for Hill and isn’t insulting her because in the same interview, he talks about how he has been to see a psychiatrist too.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Why do you keep showing up crying on my lawn night after night? I broke up with you! You need to get help.”

“Sometimes the death of a loved one is something we can deal with on our own, and sometimes we need to get help.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

get professional help, go into therapy, see a psychiatrist
by silverbeam
to be medically treated
by pvb
Get counselled for anger management.
by Austinpowers
To go to a professional´s office or help group in order to solve her rage (or other) problems
by TSX32
ask a specialist, doctor, etc.
by periwinkle.chic
see a psychiatrist/psychologist
by big sharq
babyxiao obtain assistance from either friends or professional person
by babyxiao
to undergo treatment being unable to solve her problems on her own.
by wonkapet

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10:56 AM Jun 14 2009 |



Viet Nam

nice slang!.Maybe I will use this more cause sometimes I “get help” and some people around me”get help” too,keke..

12:49 AM Oct 02 2007 |

Hyeon Ju Bang

South Korea

thanks for useful word.
OH. so ‘get help’ has two meaning. first is insulting someone as you have to see a mental clinic because your behavior and speaking are weire. the second is you really need mental clinic or professional because you had serious problem and I worried abou you.

08:20 PM Sep 30 2007 |



thanks, that’s a new word for me which i won’t get it from my ordinary school, heheh, this site is really usefull

04:01 PM Sep 29 2007 |




That is good to Learn new Words…

11:21 AM Sep 29 2007 |





03:52 AM Sep 29 2007 |




i hope to lear english ..
please send me the best web sits
mail kafas_1998@hotmail.com

10:48 PM Sep 27 2007 |




It’s good learn a new word!!!

07:17 PM Sep 27 2007 |



Russian Federation

get help here =)

06:45 PM Sep 27 2007 |

adriana magaña


Thanks, I haven`t never heard about “get help” like insult

03:57 PM Sep 27 2007 |




get help here

11:51 AM Sep 27 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!


yeah,nice slang and I firstly heard ’’the help’’ they are funny people who are fancy!!!!

07:55 AM Sep 27 2007 |



I hope that i can learn english who can help me

07:29 AM Sep 27 2007 |

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