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Crush on a Friend

Crush on a Friend

Date: Oct 05 2007

Themes: Friend, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Have you ever been out with a friend, someone you see all the time and never thought of dating, and suddenly that person looks really good to you? You never noticed it before, but now that you think about it, your friend is hot. And you’re already friends so you know you get along. You start to wonder: is my friend attracted to me too? What if we had a relationship together?

Amanda asks her friend Mason what he does when he has a crush on a friend. What do you think is really on Amanda’s mind? Why is she asking Mason about this?


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Mason?

Mason:  Um-hm.

Amanda:  Have you ever had a crush on a friend?

Mason:  Tons!

Amanda:  And what do you do about it?

Mason:  Uh…

Amanda:  Do you take action?

Mason:  Sometimes. Little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

Amanda:  So what are some of the factors that determine whether or not you share your crush or just keep it bottled inside and cry at home in the corner?

Mason:  Well one, it depends on how sober I am at the time. A lot. Two, sometimes it just feels like there’s a moment there and you gotta make a play. Sometimes it just kind of stays in the background forever.

Amanda:  Do you think that you have to pick up on some vibe from them to share it with them? Or, do you think that when you have a crush you just share it with the world, get it off your back…

Mason:  No.

Amanda:  ...move on with your life. Now she knows.

Mason:  No. Not in general. It’s not just a like…It’s not like a résumé or something. It’s not like, “Hey, you know what I did today? I had a crush on you.” It’s not like, “I picked up a new CD at Target.” No.

Amanda:  I think that it could be that way. I think that it’s kind of cool to share that feeling with anyone.

Mason:  Well that’s because you want to have tabs on everybody.

Amanda:  Just…why not let them know, so that it’s in their court and they can do whatever they want? Why not let them know?

Mason:  What if they don’t like me anymore?

Amanda:  Then you know they don’t like you. Then it’s done. You move on. Right?



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Mason says that he has had crushes on a lot of his friends, and sometimes he acts on those crushes and sometimes he doesn’t. Naturally, if he’s drunk, he’s more inclined to act on the crush than if he’s sober.

He also says that sometimes there is a moment that seems like the perfect time to make a move. But other times, he never does anything about his crush.

Amanda asks if Mason would ever tell a friend he has a crush on her just to get it off his chest. He says he doesn’t think that’s a very good idea because you don’t know if your friend feels the same way.

Have you ever had a crush on a friend? Do you think that Amanda is secretly trying to tell Mason that she has a crush on him?



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Dominican Republic


07:57 AM May 03 2020 |



I’am kind of have fear.Sometimes it’s better to bottle your feelings.When you get intention that you gonna rejected.

10:19 AM May 18 2018 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I do prefer to bottle my feelings, not having a crush on a guy…

10:59 AM Aug 11 2017 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i had many crash with my classmate when i was baby but  now im kind with them and frainli   we are good to gether

02:08 PM Oct 12 2015 |




I’ve never had a crush on a friend,i don’t like that either.The friend remains a friend nothing else,if it’s in both sides,well it’s acceptable,it may work,but if it’s only in one side,i think it must be hidden,never show that crush,cause it might end up with bad results….but honestly,a friend of me,he used to study with me in primary school,but now he says he has a crush on me,i don’t know,i just can’t take it,i can’t think of him in that way,it’s not fair for me,i try to ignore that fact as much as i can,though he’s not my friend anymore.

09:07 AM Aug 25 2015 |

1 person likes this




yup i had a crush on my frined but unfortunately i couldnt tell her ever as i was afraid what would she say nd would she feel the same way or not. or wat if she would say no ..by the way it is good to share whatever you feel for anyone as keeping bottled inside wont get you closer to anyone.

06:22 AM Aug 17 2014 |



very nice

05:54 AM Jul 20 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i had a crush on one of my collegue ,but i just bottled it,i wasn too proud of myslef to confess i love somebody..so as a sollution i just tried to ignore him,try to hide myself and not to have any contact with him .such a difficult job it was.but  he was very friendly and clever.he noticed a change in my behavoir but he got it wrong. he tought i hate him that i have such a behaviour. he just wrote a note for me and put it in my locker.he said no need to be more elusive and he tried not to be in places that i was,he told me’’ please come to the tea room and have a rest ,i just stayed in my desk’’..and he did it,i was too embareesed of him since this.. after a while he showed his love to me gradually..buying some food for me,pouring tea and …but …the rest is privete;)

02:57 PM May 30 2014 |

Amanda Mendes


nothing to declare.

11:15 PM Jun 10 2013 |


Serbia and Montenegro

I have had once a crush on a friend. We have known each other for many years, precisely I had known him before he knew me :) I had a crash on him when I was twelve. But as time went by, we were getting closer and closer. We chatted all the time, even at nights and I have seen that there was something between us. I know he loved me and once he told me that, but i wasn’t enough courageous to tell him the truth. I think he guessed that, but I didnt tell him. After a while, I have told him, but it was too late. He was in a realtionship with other girl and I didn’t wanna break that realtionship. It has been a year that happened but I still cant pass by him and look at him  without of tottering my knees and butterflies in my stomach. Although he dissapointed me by doing some things, he will always be in my heart and dear to me.

Also, i have a friend who told me that he had a crush on me. That happened last year, and i was surprised. I didnt expect that from him because i thought he was my best friend. Since then, we havent too closed to each other, because I can’t relaxed when we are together. I dont know, I just cant feel  comfortable in his presence, because i told him we were only friends and  will always be.

that’s my experiences…

03:00 PM Jul 23 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i had a such an exprience.but i prefer to keep inside of my heart.

02:20 PM Jun 18 2012 |




Yes, I’ve been in that situation, having a crush on a friend. But I prefer to keep it to myself. I mean I can’t imagine myself confessing to a guy about my feelings, it’s embarrassing! what if he doesn’t feel the same way? it’s gonna kill me for sure :)

11:11 AM Jun 18 2012 |

1 person likes this






02:58 AM May 14 2012 |




I live with mind not with my heart 

11:50 AM May 13 2012 |

1 person likes this





12:44 PM May 09 2012 |




at least you can say: Dude was a joke haha…  

05:40 AM May 09 2012 |



Tongue out

06:24 AM Apr 23 2012 |




I didn’t wish to have a crush on anybody, but I had once crushed on my friend, sorry I didn’t mean really, but I just keep my feeling thought, I know she likes me lol

02:27 PM Apr 05 2012 |




I have a crush on English :)) ... language ;)

11:33 PM Apr 04 2012 |




Well, I did have a crush on one of my friends, but I haven’t told him anything, It’s a little difficult to share my emotions

10:49 PM Apr 04 2012 |

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