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Public Library

Public Library

Date: Oct 02 2007

Themes: Hobbies


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The library might seem a little square, but think about it for a minute. Libraries are usually in neat-looking, old buildings, so that’s cool. Plus, where else can go and take anything you want home with you for free?

The only thing better than checking out books is checking out the other people at the library. If you see a cute guy or girl in the library, you know he or she has to be at least a little intelligent, right? And you can tell what someone’s interests are based on what type of books they’re examining. Of course, when looking for dates in the library, it’s wise to stay away from the psychology section. Anyone reading Ayn Rand is probably a bad idea too.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  Have you ever gone to the Multnomah Public Library?

Amanda:  Yes I have.

Kevin:  ...Which is like the oldest west of the Mississippi. It’s like a big deal.

Amanda:  I didn’t know that, but I think that the library is one of the most fabulous but underused resources. A lot of people have never even been to the local library. And it’s so fantastic…for free! And for three weeks, you can check out 100 books.

Kevin:  Really?

Amanda:  They trust you that much.

Kevin:  That many?

Amanda:  Yes. On the honor system, 100 books, 25 DVDs, all based on trust.

Kevin:  You’re kidding. So do you use it often?

Amanda:  I do use it often because I’d rather go there than Blockbuster to get the same DVD for as long as I want for free…as long as you don’t abuse the system and that’s where it gets a little shady.

Kevin:  Some people do, but probably few. I know people who use it frequently, especially here. It seems like a community that supports the public library.

Amanda:  Yes. On a Friday or Saturday night, it’s pretty cool when you see it packed, you know? Bar or library…and a lot of people will choose library, believe it or not.

Kevin:  Or maybe both.

Amanda:  I think it’s become kind of a singles market too.

Kevin:  Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind.

Amanda:  You should.



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Amanda has been to the public library in Portland, but she didn’t know that it’s the oldest library on this side of the country until Kevin told her. Kevin didn’t know that you can check out 100 books from the library until Amanda told him.

You can also check out 25 DVDs, which is what Amanda likes to do. It’s better than renting them from a video store like Blockbuster because it’s free and you can keep them for as long as you like.

When you check something out of the library, you’re on your honor to bring it back. The police won’t come looking for you if you don’t return a library book. The worst that can happen is the library stops lending you books. But Kevin points out that people don’t often abuse the library, especially in Portland where people like the library a lot.

Kevin doesn’t mention it, but people in Portland use the library more than people in any other American city. Maybe that’s because they’re all there to find a date. Amanda jokes that people go to the library instead of a bar on a Friday or Saturday night.

What is the library system like where you live? When’s the last time you checked out a book (or a potential mate) at the library?



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I'm a library buff. The atmosphere there is always tranquil , full of peace and let your mind in a easy condition. When i was in the university, i'm a library-goer, on one hand for learng and preparing the exams, on the other hand is swimming in the sea of knowledge. I love browsing the bookshelf and find some book that i'm interested. Most of time, it'll be the book about english and tons of easter and wester literature, autobiography and different sorts of books.

When you feel blue, read a self-helping book and you'll relize what pains us trains us.  After all life moves on.

When you feel solitude, read some autobiorgraphy and you'll find out that loneliss is part of life. No matter how sucessful people will be, loneliss are still with them. What we gonna do is enjoy it and forget it .

I love reading and i've been reading The Chicken and Soul to Inspire the Body and Soul lately. I glued to every page.

07:07 AM Oct 06 2007 |



Hi there,

I like your perspective you posted on englishbaby.  To be honest i'm a library lover and i like buying books, but i didn't get the chance to donate my books to those people needed.  I wanna be a friend with you, this is my msn adress;

Have a good day!


06:54 AM Oct 06 2007 |

Chikako Honda


My husband likes to go to public library, too. It holds not only tons of books but also various newspapers.  He usually reads through them  threre on Saturday. They're free,too. I sometimes go with him.   In our nearby library has a cafeteria and some community halls, too so that citizens can also use there as a theater or a music performance halll, or meeting rooms. 

02:22 AM Oct 06 2007 |




I love libraries :)

08:52 PM Oct 04 2007 |




I love books & I like to go to libraries but unfortunately I don't have much time.

Glasglocke from Sylvia Plath is my favorite book…Smile

08:51 PM Oct 04 2007 |

Felipe Perez


I don't remember the last time that I check out a book on a public library. I prefer buy books and when I finish to read it I make a donation for a public library.

06:01 PM Oct 04 2007 |



ı 'm a library fan becouse ı like to  book's smells.

01:38 PM Oct 04 2007 |



ı 'm a library fan becouse ı like to  book's smells.

01:38 PM Oct 04 2007 |



I prefer go to YAHOO or GOOGLE. In our place there aren't so much people go to library.Most of people go to here for exam.  

11:54 AM Oct 04 2007 |

Xiaohui Dong


i think the public library is important, it's also helpful for people's career.

10:24 AM Oct 04 2007 |




the greatest place for students every where

10:24 AM Oct 04 2007 |




the greatest place for students every where

10:24 AM Oct 04 2007 |



i love to spend my free time in a library when im studying at school. It keeps you updated in current events and enhance your I.Q 

03:13 PM Oct 03 2007 |




Well…it seems a lot of fun there…besides dating or peeking

on girls…The most important thing is that you could concentrate more

on ur work than at ur own house. In Melbourne, we got a state library that is the biggest in VIC. Most treat it as a resource..So do I … go there
every Sunday which get lots of my work done…Thank you!


01:49 PM Oct 03 2007 |




maybe i prefer to buy one if i really want that book

coz there is pretty serious and boring

and i cant write my feelings on that kind of books

10:36 AM Oct 03 2007 |

Noah Lee

South Korea

Even though I live in America, I have never hear and know about the libary. It is surprized that a lot of people have never ever been to the local library. Actually, I am curious that how many books or DVD are robbed. I know a store in which there is no owner.
There are a lot of fruits and vegitables. But the store, soon, colsed because a lot of people did not pay money enough. I wish all people will be a man of honesty. I believe that honesty is the best way and policy.

03:24 AM Oct 03 2007 |



Viet Nam

My high school’s library is not very good. It has some computer but they usually fail to work:D. I had my library card at the beginning of the first semester but I rarely went to the library, I prefered buying books and reading at home!
Now I’m a medical student and my university has a big library but I haven’t try it!

12:12 AM Oct 03 2007 |



I like libraries

that's my best

when i see loads of books,

i am getting excited

so fantastic~

11:47 PM Oct 02 2007 |



hello please write to me my e-mail adress is my skype is miss_love_m

10:08 PM Oct 02 2007 |




Every sunday I go to book shop to read some , the library is far from my home , so it is not worthy going there . Sure it  will meet pepole any public place , not only library , singles or not , that 's predestined relationship I think .

03:48 PM Oct 02 2007 |

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