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Uses of " LIKE "

Date: Sep 26 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: marksimz


'Like' can be used as a verb or as a preposition. There are a number of common questions with 'like' that are easy to confuse.

  • What's he like? - 'What … like?' is used to ask about a person's or object's character and is general in nature.
  • What does he like? - This use of the verb 'like' is for general preferences. 'Like' as a verb is generally followed by the 'ing' form of the verb (I like playing tennis).
  • What does she look like? - 'Like' is used as a preposition to express physical appearance. In this case, 'like' can also mean 'similar to' if you are making a comparison to other people.
  • What would you like to drink? - Another common use of 'like' is in 'would like' to express wishes. Note that 'would like' is followed by the infinite form of the verb NOT the '-ing' form.


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yes that is fine. 

08:39 AM Oct 08 2007 |



Thank you for reminding me!

I'm listening to the music now



08:28 AM Oct 08 2007 |




wym_fz, don't forget to put "to" after the word listening. so it would become now, i like listening to english songs.

07:01 AM Oct 08 2007 |



He looks like his father

I like watching movie

I'd like a cup of coffee rather than  a bottle of juice

I like listening english songs

She looks like a little tired


06:45 AM Oct 08 2007 |



I like to see you in the list of my friends

It looks like a mass

I like people around the World

I like children to be heard

He is good as like as you

She never tell a lie like others

I like my son to be a great man

He looks like a cow boy

I like this site very much for learning English

I like to have a cup of coffee.

She likes singing raher than listening

01:14 PM Oct 04 2007 |


Viet Nam

hi ! I am is tuan


06:38 AM Sep 27 2007 |

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