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Heteronyms No 4

Heteronyms No 4

Date: Oct 02 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: rhyme_reason


Sake SAHkey- alcoholic drink; SAYK- a purpose 

Secrete seeKREET- to discharge; sehKRET- an armored skullcap [secrète, diacritics don't count!] 

Secreted seeKREETed- having put out; SEEkrehted- placed out of sight [N.B.: This word is also an antagonym!!]

Separate SEPerATE- to divide into groups; SEPret- not joined together

Sewer SOwer- one who sews; SOOwer- place for human waste

Slough SLUFF- the outer layer of skin of a snake; [rhymes with OW!]- a hole of deep mud or mire; SLOO- a marshy pond

Sow   SOUW- a pig; SO- to plant seed

Subject SUBjekt- the theme; subJEKT- to force upon someone   

Tear TARE- to rip; TEER- fluid in eye  

Wind WHINEd- to coil up; WINd- the blowing air 

Wound WOOND- to injure; WOWND- coiled up

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