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Date: Oct 04 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: Mathew


hellow friends,

This is for word lovers!

You must be knowing that English is a kleptomaniac, it'll steal words from almost all languages.

So by studying the root word it's very easy to learn new words! So welcome to the world of words!

First we'll analyse the root word 'cide' which means 'kill or killer'.

Taking 'suicide'as an example, now onwards it's sui - cide  means 'self killing';

Thus any word ending at 'cide' can be justified.

Eg. patricide : patron - cide  ------ father killingCry, matricide: matron - cide----motherkillingInnocent, sororicide --- sister killingWink, fratricide --- brothrkilling Kissetc.

Please forgive me for using such sensitive words..

yes we'll continue next week, bye, all the best from chintu



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