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Time Idioms

Time Idioms

Date: Oct 05 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: rhyme_reason


There are a lot of idioms talking about time as if it were money.  You can spend time.

  • I spent 3 hours doing that.
You can waste time.
  • I wasted an hour waiting for her.
Time can be a waste.
  • It's not worth going. The whole exhibition is a waste of time.
You can value time.
  • I value every minute I get to spend with my baby.
You can run out of time.
  • I didn't get the project finished as I would have liked. I ran out of time.
You can spare time.
  • Can you spare me a few minutes?
Time can be precious.
  • I travel a lot so the time I spend at home is very precious to me.
You can afford time.
  • We can't afford to spend any more time on this. We have a lot to cover today.
You can save time.
  • I've already dug out the old files to save time today.
You can be short of time.
  • We're short of the time we need to do a good job on this.

You can have plenty of time.

·         We have plenty of time to worry about this later.


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You`ve done this so well.


01:15 PM Apr 19 2009 |

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