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Advanced Grammar In Use 0001

Date: Oct 10 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: taylor_wu0086


Advanced Grammar In Use 0001 Unit 1 Present Continuous And PresentSimple (1) We can use the present continous with some state verbs (e.g. attract, like, look, love, sound) when we want to emphasise that a situation is temporary or for a period of time around the present. Compare: Jean stays with us quite often. Jean's with us at the moment. State verbs which we rarely use with the present continuous include believe, consist of, doubt, own. Some verbs have different meanings when they are used to talk about states and when they describe actions. With their 'state' meanings, they usually take simple rather than continuous forms. With their 'action' meanings, they may take simple or continuous forms, depending on context. Compare: The new treatment for influenza doesn't appear to work.(appear: state=seem) Madonna is currently appearing in a musical on Broadway./ She often appears in musical. (appear: action= take part) Other verbs like this include anticipate, cost, expect, feel, fit, have, imagine, measure, weigh. With some verbs describing mental states (e.g. find, realise, regret, think, understand) we can use the present continuous to emphasise that we have recently started to think about something or that we are not sure about something. Compare: I regret that the company will have to be sold.(= I have made the decision and I am sorry about it ) I'm regretting my decision to give her the job.(= I am increasingly aware that it was the wrong decision) When it means'think carefully about' the verb consider is only used with the present continuous: He's considering taking early retirement.( not He considers taking early retirement.) Some other verbs describing preferences and mental states(e.g. agree, believe, conclude, know, prefer) are rarely used with the present continuous: I believe you now.( not I'm believing you now.)

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