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Phrasal Verbs 1

Phrasal Verbs 1

Date: Oct 11 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: alshehri2005


  • Ask out

Ask (someone) to go on a date

Abdullah asked Sara out. They went to a Market.

  • Call back

Return a telephone call

I'll call you back tomorrow.

  • Call off


We called off the picnic due to bad weather.

  • Call up

Make a telephone call

I called up my friend in Makkah.

  • Give back

Return something to someone.

I borrowed Al's pen, then I gave it back.

  • Hang up

Hang on a hanger or a hook

I hung my coat up in the closet.

  • Pay back

Return borrowed money to someone

Thanks for the loan. I'll pay you back soon.

  • Put away

Put something in its usual or proper place.

I put the clean dishes away.

  • Put back

Return something to is original place.

I put my papers back into my briefcase.

  • Put out

Extinguish (stop) a fire, a cigarette.

We put out the campfire before we left.

  • Shut off

Stop a machine or light, turn off

I shut off my printer before I left the office.

  • Try on

Put on clothing to see if it fits.

I tried on several pairs of shoes.

  • Turn down

Decrease the volume

Sara turned down the Quran, It was too loud.

  • Turn up

Increase the volume

Ali turned up the radio. He likes loud music.


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keep on pls…..thanks

06:27 AM Nov 20 2007 |




nice tips man!! thanx a lot

05:02 PM Nov 18 2007 |




nice tips man!!thanx a lot

05:01 PM Nov 18 2007 |

coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

helloooooo dear …

you have done a great work …your lesson is very interesting

I hope you a good future …

your sister …

03:41 PM Oct 16 2007 |

coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

very very very good topic ..
keep up ..

03:30 PM Oct 16 2007 |


Viet Nam

I am Linh, I am from Viet Nam. I am 23 years old. My country is very beautiful. I am glad to make friend with all of you. I wish you could help me to study English better :-)

02:14 PM Oct 13 2007 |

mary maggina


thank you that write to me.i am from greece i am  28 years old and i am an english teacher.

11:11 AM Oct 13 2007 |




09:34 AM Oct 13 2007 |

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