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Virtual Gambling

Virtual Gambling

Date: Nov 02 2007

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

In the United States, only a few states allow casinos. For those unfortunate enough not to live in a place where you can sit down at a black jack table with a real dealer, there is video poker and online gambling.

Video poker machines are usually found in bars and they sort of look like video games. You insert money and play against a computer.

Beren likes to play video poker, but Marni is about to introduce her to the exciting world of online gambling.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Do you like to gamble?

Beren:  I love gambling.

Marni:  Really?

Beren:  Yeah. Totally. I’m really into video poker.

Marni:  Oh, okay. Yeah, we’re big on video poker here in Oregon. I don’t like it. Like, I lose five dollars and I freak out. I hate it.

Beren:  I think overall I’m definitely up a couple hundred bucks, but I have lost some money too.

Marni:  You gotta be prepared, I think, to lose. I have a friend who actually pays her rent by playing poker online.

Beren:  No way.

Marni:  She is that good.

Beren:  No way.

Marni:  Yeah, I have to admire her skill.

Beren:  So she plays video poker online…

Marni:  Actual poker, actual poker game. There’s poker games you can get in on online.

Beren:  Are there cards or…

Marni:  There’s cards. It’s all virtual. It’s fascinating.

Beren:  Like, what’s the buy-in for this?

Marni:  Sometimes it’s $3, sometimes it’s $500, you know, depending on how high stakes you want to play.

Beren:  And she pays her rent that way?

Marni:  She does.

Beren:  What does she do for a day job? Or is that like her sole source of income?

Marni:  Right now, it’s basically her sole source of income. She’s trying to get some things going, but yeah.

Beren:  Do you have the web address for the main site she uses?

Marni:  I don’t, but I’ll find out for you.

Beren:  Excellent. Thank you.



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Video poker is really popular in Oregon since casinos aren’t allowed most places in the state. Marni doesn’t like video poker because she always loses a little bit of money. Beren loves video poker and guesses that she’s won $100 so far. It’s funny how winning at gambling makes you like it more.

But Marni has a friend who has won much more than $100 playing poker against other people online. Her friend actually makes all of her money playing virtual poker!

Beren is amazed and can’t wait to try playing poker online. Marni is going to give her the web address her friend uses to make all of her money.



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sun light

sun light


I thing this game make you waful becase you will lose your money,your respect and your feeling so thy you do that .If you have money help this world Im not telling you to help all people but  If you want you will do that .Just drow smile on this face.

06:24 AM Nov 07 2007 |




Never say that gambling is banned in China.I once invest in stock market of china and lost lots of money and I think there’re tons of people in the market crazy about gambling with stockshare.they buy one of them and sell them the next day.so the most profitable ones are brokers!

11:37 AM Nov 06 2007 |




I 'd rather gamble in stock market of China amd I have lost lots of money in it.I freak out and am pissed off!!!!!!

11:35 AM Nov 06 2007 |



   I don't like gambing, i wish another people also don't like it , cause it 's not only lose family but lost life. that's my common.

02:18 PM Nov 05 2007 |




have a good time !

08:39 AM Nov 05 2007 |




reject gambling

07:42 AM Nov 05 2007 |




 Personally, I think is too risky get involved in gambling, it doesn't matter it is at the real life or on line.

01:58 AM Nov 05 2007 |



I don't like gambling.If I have that time to do this thing,I would prefer to do something else,example,traveling,reading,skating-—,there are a lot of things I love to do.

01:04 AM Nov 05 2007 |

magali barbosa



   I Don't like gambling…. A friend of my lose a lot off money in there…

11:53 PM Nov 04 2007 |



I am working in Casino in Nepal. I love gambling but I am not allowed to play.

06:53 PM Nov 04 2007 |




04:24 PM Nov 04 2007 |



I don`t like gambling . I have never win but always lose money.
Dicided never to play agian

03:43 PM Nov 04 2007 |




gamble…so great…:dD:i love this game..

01:22 PM Nov 04 2007 |



We know Casinos have to earn money and likely ther slot machines are unreliable, so in the case of online gambling I think the problem related to reliability increases because is easier to manipulate the games by using computing.

12:24 PM Nov 04 2007 |




Gambling is illegal on the mainland now.

10:50 AM Nov 04 2007 |

sun light

sun light


I think this game make you waful becase you will lose your money,your recpect and your feeling so why you do that. If you have money help this world idont mean to help all people but try to do that.

07:35 AM Nov 04 2007 |



I think it's waste of time and money .

07:11 AM Nov 04 2007 |



I don't like gamling ,but  my friend like it very much.He also enjoy playing video poker online.

I think that's waste of time.

07:04 AM Nov 04 2007 |



i like play the chiese poker with my friends very much, we are just play it like a game, if someone win money will treat us a dinner.So we call it wonderful game.

05:07 AM Nov 04 2007 |




I hate gambling

04:17 AM Nov 04 2007 |

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