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hi here are some useful idioms

Date: Oct 24 2007


Author: snoopghost_1985


 hi hope that you'll like these idiom, next time i will put more...

  -Cast an/your eye over something: to look briefly at something.
Ex:Could you cast an eye over this report for me?  
-Fair to middling: not very good but not bad.
Ex: what’s your English like? Oh, fair to middling.
-Fair and square: in honest way and without any doubt.
Ex: we won the match fair and square.
-It’s a fair cop:
Something you say when someone has caught you doing something wrong and you agree that you were wrong.
-By fair means or foul:
If you try to achieve something by fair means or foul, you use any method you can to achieve it, even if it is not honest or fair.
-Faint heart never won fair lady:
Used to tell someone that they must make a lot of effort if they want to achieve something difficult.  


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