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improve your vocabulary with radheshy ( MANIA )

improve your vocabulary with radheshy ( MANIA )

Date: Oct 26 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: radheshy


Hey dear friends love you all welcome to this simple and easy but interesting vocabulary improving lesson. A few days ago I was talking with shanie, she has got intermediate level English but she says sometimes she lacks of words, she is trying hard to improve her Vocabulary And I think sometime else or other almost all of us face this kind of problem, don't we? Whether we'd be native English Speaker or not, Sometimes we want to say something but we don't find the exact word, isn't it? Somehow else or other we express ourselves. If you face this kind of problem then this lesson is only for you with some interesting words. again welcome to the lesson " Improve your Vocabulary with Radheshy "!

Today's lesson is about " MANIA " (excessive excitement enthusiasm; craze: The country has mania for soccer. ) There are so many kinds of people are around us. The probe into the complex organism called the human mind reveals how mysterious the ways of human nature are. Some develop MANIA, a compulsive or morbid preoccupation with some impulse or activity e.g., compulsive stealing is called 'kleptomania ' Did you know what's called " a morbid obsession with oneself ? a morbid compulsion to drink ? a mania for talking? " Here is the list of some interesting Manias :                 

1. Bibliomania -obsession with rare books                                      

2. Demonomania -a morbid delusion of being under the influence of an evil spirit

3. Dispomania - a morbid compulsion to drink                                                 

4. Dromomania -a morbid compulsion for travel                                               

5. Egomania - a morbid obsession with oneself                                                

6. Graphomania - a morbid mania for writing                                                   

7. Hypomania -a mild manic excitment

8. Kleptomania - a morbid compulsion to steal

9. Logomania - a mania for talking

10. Macromania - a delusion that one's body has become very big

11. Micromania - a delusion that one's body has become very small

12. Monomania - single fixed obsession

13. Nymphomania - excessive sexual desire in a female

14. Pseudomania - a mania for making false and exaggerated statement

15. Pyromania -compulsion to set fire for thrill

16. Scribblomania- a mania for making meaningless marks on paper

17. Theomania - a delusion that one has become a god

18. Agromania - an intense to be alone or put in the open

19. Necromania - an irresistble attraction to dead bodies

Now think which kind of mania you or the people around you have, start thinking that and pls add some more manias which you know now dear friend if you find these words interesting enough to add them to your vocabulary then try to memorise them and try use them so you could make your knowledge solid * Was this lesson useful ? Yes or No whatever you think pls let me know so i could make cool changes to the lesson which suit you. :)


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Ok, today's lesson is about Cougar mania…I wonder what would be the term for the opposite case..I mean when the man is 20 years older than the woman Cool

09:23 PM Oct 27 2007 |





07:51 AM Oct 26 2007 |

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