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She's No Good For You

She's No Good For You

Date: Nov 06 2007

Themes: Friend, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Do you have any friends who are single, but totally deserve a great partner? Maybe you spend a lot of time together and you think, “I hope my friend falls in love,” or “I hope my friend finds someone to be with.”

Well sometimes it’s good to be careful what you wish for, or at least more specific. Your friend might find someone who treats him or her really well, but it seems like a lot of nice people end up in relationships that are no good for them. Listen to Kevin tell Amanda about a great friend of his who is mixed up with an awful girlfriend.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So my best friend calls me last night, and he’s dating this girl…she’s not very nice. She’s really hard on him, and I’m like, “She’s no good for you.” And it’s one girl after another that he’s dated just not very nice to him.

Amanda:  But have you noticed that a lot of times good people will date bad people no matter what. No matter how poorly they’re treated, no matter how much the friends will threaten, “We’re not gonna hang out with you anymore as long as you continue seeing that person.”

Kevin:  I don’t get it.

Amanda:  They like that bad…I don’t even know what it is.

Kevin:  What do you think it is, though? Is it a lack of self-confidence that you’re going attract someone who’s one, physically attractive, and two, really good to you? I mean is it that difficult?

Amanda:  It seems interesting, I think the people who end up in those relationships with bad or mean people, like you said, they’re insecure, they have a lack of self-confidence, and for whatever reason, they think they can’t do better.

Kevin:  Yeah. It’s really a shame because he’s such a great guy. He deserves a wonderful girlfriend and yet, he’s dating this girl.



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Kevin’s friend has a girlfriend who is mean to him. It’s not the first time this has happened to Kevin’s friend either.

Amanda says that she’s noticed that good people often fall in love with people who are no good for them. It doesn’t matter how badly they’re treated or how much their friends distance themselves, they can’t tear themselves away from their rotten partners.

Amanda and Kevin guess that nice people who end up in bad relationships must have poor self-esteem. Whatever the case, it makes Kevin sad that his great friend can’t have the sort of girlfriend he deserves.

Have you ever lost a friend to a bad relationship? Have you ever dated anyone who was no good for you?



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she's no good for you? do you think if she/he is'nt good for you do'nt wasted you time.lots of friends!

"FOR GOOD TIMES OR IN BAD TIMES THEY ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU" just was friend for…. select the good friend and keep on your relationship as bestfriend….trouble is a part of life.

no friend to bored….!Frown

01:54 AM Nov 09 2007 |



dont look in outside apperance to find friends.look in her/his innerpart of attitude and character they have.just more careful…

01:40 AM Nov 09 2007 |



well,i'd like to say :being single is really a luck!Laughing

12:27 AM Nov 08 2007 |



Saint Kitts and Nevis

Oh, I dated so many guys who are not so good to me. And I'm sure that one day these relationships will break up and pink glasses will fall down. For me it was good experience and now I really know who is good to me.

03:10 PM Nov 07 2007 |

li li

li li


love is so strange

09:50 AM Nov 07 2007 |

li li

li li


love is so stange !!

09:49 AM Nov 07 2007 |

Nguyen Vietnamese

Viet Nam

She goes and I'm like



05:06 AM Nov 07 2007 |

Nguyen Vietnamese

Viet Nam

I am sorry, but, what does "I'm like" mean? Thanks

05:01 AM Nov 07 2007 |



I think that  perhaps  she  has  her own mind ,you  can tellher that  that boy  is  not  her choice,inthe  future she can meet the  boy  really like  her  ,and  you can  persuade her  that to find  a  man that  really known eachother.


02:54 AM Nov 07 2007 |



To Jianer666:You are so careful,I don't notice that until you point out!I think you are right,we should use "called"in formal English.But I know they don't pay much attention to the Grammar of everyday-speaking English,so maybe we can also say"calls"here.I am not quite sure.

02:01 AM Nov 07 2007 |



   Well,I don't think it is just because the simple reason"lacking of self-confidence".It is a more complicated matter.I also have noticed sometimes good people date with bad people,just as kevin's best friend and his girlfriend.On one hand,I think maybe it is because that kevin's best friend is not mature enough,maybe there are also some wonderful girls around him,but he just can't see them and don't know to cherish.He is just easily captivated by that kind of bad girls.i insist that people can only find their right wonderful persons when they themselves are mature enough,which I mean,they are confident,they know themselves well,they know what they want and what are the most important things in their lives.So maybe kevin's best friend need to be more mature enough.:)Or on the other hand,I think every girl has her own charming,in his eyes,his girlfriend is lovely,though sometimes is hard on him,it is good for him.So maybe kevin just need to support him.

Love is always so confused!Who can tell clearly?!

01:48 AM Nov 07 2007 |

Janey Deng

Janey Deng


yes,it is corret.love is just love.people are usually crazy when they fall in love with man or woman.

01:44 AM Nov 07 2007 |



From my point of view each person should has self-confidence in order to treat any situation could happened to him /her ,as some time we should take a decision immediately without thinking 0r without losting time.so we should reading (knowing) the new person who will begin a relation ship with him

11:04 PM Nov 06 2007 |



It is true that someone who is good to you may not good for you. However while someone who id good for you may not good to you. However, the only person know better about these is yourself.

09:54 PM Nov 06 2007 |



this is the real world.everything can be happened so we have to ready this situtation.

08:38 PM Nov 06 2007 |



i am your girlfriend if you are rich.Then she is no good for you.It is about Azerbajianes girls.

08:05 PM Nov 06 2007 |




i like this topic.i have a boy friend we spent  3 years each other .i love him and i know he loves me .but sometimes i angry with him and so i say 'is he right man for me or not?'on my own .i hope we are right for each other.

07:47 PM Nov 06 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

friendship is more important than having a lover.well, love comes with no knock into ur door!!so just let us live with our friends who help us to keep going in this life.for me, friends r more important than lovers.

07:08 PM Nov 06 2007 |




07:00 PM Nov 06 2007 |



there are fault in this lesson in intro "Kevin tell Marni "   and she called amanda not marni but it is good lesson i like it

05:13 PM Nov 06 2007 |

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