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She's No Good For You

She's No Good For You

Date: Nov 06 2007

Themes: Friend, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Do you have any friends who are single, but totally deserve a great partner? Maybe you spend a lot of time together and you think, “I hope my friend falls in love,” or “I hope my friend finds someone to be with.”

Well sometimes it’s good to be careful what you wish for, or at least more specific. Your friend might find someone who treats him or her really well, but it seems like a lot of nice people end up in relationships that are no good for them. Listen to Kevin tell Amanda about a great friend of his who is mixed up with an awful girlfriend.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So my best friend calls me last night, and he’s dating this girl…she’s not very nice. She’s really hard on him, and I’m like, “She’s no good for you.” And it’s one girl after another that he’s dated just not very nice to him.

Amanda:  But have you noticed that a lot of times good people will date bad people no matter what. No matter how poorly they’re treated, no matter how much the friends will threaten, “We’re not gonna hang out with you anymore as long as you continue seeing that person.”

Kevin:  I don’t get it.

Amanda:  They like that bad…I don’t even know what it is.

Kevin:  What do you think it is, though? Is it a lack of self-confidence that you’re going attract someone who’s one, physically attractive, and two, really good to you? I mean is it that difficult?

Amanda:  It seems interesting, I think the people who end up in those relationships with bad or mean people, like you said, they’re insecure, they have a lack of self-confidence, and for whatever reason, they think they can’t do better.

Kevin:  Yeah. It’s really a shame because he’s such a great guy. He deserves a wonderful girlfriend and yet, he’s dating this girl.



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Kevin’s friend has a girlfriend who is mean to him. It’s not the first time this has happened to Kevin’s friend either.

Amanda says that she’s noticed that good people often fall in love with people who are no good for them. It doesn’t matter how badly they’re treated or how much their friends distance themselves, they can’t tear themselves away from their rotten partners.

Amanda and Kevin guess that nice people who end up in bad relationships must have poor self-esteem. Whatever the case, it makes Kevin sad that his great friend can’t have the sort of girlfriend he deserves.

Have you ever lost a friend to a bad relationship? Have you ever dated anyone who was no good for you?



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mad dream



First,we should not have the ideal that our partner must be good for me.

I work for you meanwhile you work for me. 

we'll profit from each other .

05:42 AM Nov 06 2007 |




Sometimes it better to look at such situation in all angles.Try to find out why are my friends saying she or he is not good for me and then make you own judgement.

05:25 AM Nov 06 2007 |



South Korea

Someone good for you is not always good to you. He/She may treat you tough and advice you to do better things. Those behaviors looks bad to you at those time. You might feel sorry. But later, you will notice that who is really good for you and who really loves you.

Someone good to you may really love you like some parents who overprotect their children and result in spoil them. Those people thinks something good to them must be good for you. I think this is not correct. So you better have self-confidence about what is good for you and who really love you.

05:21 AM Nov 06 2007 |




someone good for you is probably not good to you, someone good to you is probably not good for you. just think about those parents who spoil their children too much, which is definitely no good for their children

04:06 AM Nov 06 2007 |



my giflfriend is good for me but not good to me ,it's ok.i like everyone in the world,i am self-confidence,i mean i am not insecure,i hope everyone like me too.life is love!Wink

03:57 AM Nov 06 2007 |



if it happened to me , it maybe just because of my politeness , i mean i don't want to hurt somebody , i mean to care  or protect his self-esteem . well i will end it up soon , we  know it is very easy to find some excuses to say bye to somebody, otherwise ,it will hurt both . so if i don't like sb , i will say bye to him as soon as possible.

02:57 AM Nov 06 2007 |




Now I know what is good to me and what is good for me~!LaughingMaybe there's someone good to me but not good for me.

It's really a shame that someone regard love as a game.I despise such guys a lot!

02:32 AM Nov 06 2007 |



this topic is very intereting!we could think who is good for you,your boss,your colleagues,your classmates,or your family?or think whether they are real good to you?not one work can answer.


02:14 AM Nov 06 2007 |




Look at the buddy in the pictrue up there.What a poor man he is.It’s a supprise that a man is hurt so much~!

01:55 AM Nov 06 2007 |

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