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Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Date: Jul 13 2021

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When movies first came out, they didn’t have sound. So stars like Charlie Chaplin became famous by using their hands and eyes to act.

Over the last 17 years, Rowan Atkinson has become famous with a similar technique. Although his movies have sound, his character, a child-like man named Mr. Bean, speaks very rarely.

Since so many of Mr. Bean’s jokes are non-verbal, the movies are just as funny when translated into other languages. Listen to Kevin tell Beren about Mr. Bean’s success abroad.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So I heard that, like, Mr. Bean’s movie’s on like the top charts of Chinese films…movies in China.

Beren:  Mr. Bean?

Kevin:  Yes.

Beren:  I heard he died like five years ago.

Kevin:  No. He’s been making movies. Rowan Atkinson, right?

Beren:  Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Kevin:  Do you like him?

Beren:  He’s funny. He has his moments...slightly charming in a really obnoxious way. Did you like the first movie?

Kevin:  I thought it was entertaining. I mean the guy made a career of like, just being silent.

Beren:  Totally, it’s like the old silent film comedies, very physical comedy, lots of visual gags. I could see it being big in a foreign market for some reason.

Kevin:  I guess.

Beren:  Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know.

Kevin:  I mean, it definitely has, like, a niche market, I guess. I don’t know what you would call it. He’s interesting.

Beren:  Yeah yeah. He’s uniquely British.

Kevin:  And I love British humor.



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Kevin read somewhere that Mr. Bean’s Holiday, the follow-up to 1997’s Bean, is doing extremely well in China. This surprises Beren because she thought that the actor who plays Mr. Bean was dead. Obviously, she isn’t a huge fan.

But Beren admits that while Mr. Bean can be somewhat annoying, he is entertaining at times. His work reminds her of silent films. It’s a style that she can understand being popular in other countries.

Do you prefer physical comedy or intellectual humor? Physical comedy is universal, but sometimes there’s nothing funnier than a pun in your native language.



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It is very popular among small children in China because it can easily be understand. I like physical comedy with lots of visual gags. It is very entertaining and interesting, always make me laugh, then I can temporarely forget my troubles and worries.

03:54 AM Nov 14 2007 |



I saw Mr. Bean’s movies when I was in high school. It was entertaining and interesting, always made me laught. I like it and I also think it is suitable to young children and elder people who have been retired, beacause it is a good way to kill time and have fun. Since it is physical comedy full of visual gags, children are able to understand easily!

03:43 AM Nov 14 2007 |





03:38 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Oh….such a crazy bean, alway makes fun for us, brings me many happyness. I was first attracted by him 7 years ago, it is Mr. Bean movie about a famous oil picture, he did many ridiculous amazing funny things in that movie, made me cannot help laughing loudly…...So funny….Wonderful actor

03:30 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Mr. Bear movies are funny films. This kind of movie is the kind of pantomime movement but using the real things. It differs from pantomime that image as if the actor use things. I like Bean Movies.

03:21 AM Nov 14 2007 |

click mery


it's nice film

we can call him a funny man

i like him very much


03:04 AM Nov 14 2007 |

kathy Le

Viet Nam

I saw Mr.Bean's Holiday already, it's really  funny and entertaining. Not so much words , but surely you can understand n enjoy on your own way.

02:57 AM Nov 14 2007 |



I saw Mr. Bean since I was young. It's so funny

02:52 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I totally agree with Beren, he’s slightly charming in an obnoxious way

02:48 AM Nov 14 2007 |



I've seen Mr.Bean's new movie, it was really funny and made me laughing from the beginning to the end~Tongue out i like it~

02:43 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Saudi Arabia


Mr. Bean is very funny and i like him v much

i saw " Mr.Bean's Holiday". it was intersting and funny . some parts of that story counld happen

Take Care

02:38 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

I love Mr. bean 


he is very funny


and his style distinct 

02:28 AM Nov 14 2007 |

Andrea Che


i don’t like Mr. Bean.maybe that means i don’t understand British humor.but i’ll try to get it.

02:23 AM Nov 14 2007 |




Yes, I guess, we can say, Mr. Bean's  is a movie popular, but not the one on the list of favourite's .

In China, usually, people can see Mr. Bean's movie from the high-tech flat screen when they are waiting at the airport, or waiting in bank for his turn. It's more like a movie for killing time. Since the storyline of Mr. Bean's does not play the key part, so you can start to watch from any second, and you will be in laughing in next second. Really makes you relax. I guess, that is the reason why the movie is getting popular.

02:16 AM Nov 14 2007 |




My kid likes his movies…it is pretty funny…and physical homour is something that we do not  need language, so it is universal.

01:41 AM Nov 14 2007 |



wooow I like mr. bean. He is very funny.he is really humorous man,and for that reason why his movie is so popular around the world.He makes everybody laughing and his movie is wathced by everybody, eventhough some of them dont understand english language, but through his mimics make them laughing too .He can be consider as a peace maker as well, because he can make people feel happy and forget the war. I am really proud of him, he is also a great man in world entertaiment and in the history of human being.

01:31 AM Nov 14 2007 |



woo,great surprise ,i've seen it on the hot july and remenbered Mr Bean,and coudn't help to seeing his earlier Bean:The Movie.Thanks to Mr Bean's kind of humor,so fun.so cool Cool



01:17 AM Nov 14 2007 |

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