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Honeymoon. Period.

Honeymoon. Period.

Date: Nov 16 2007

Themes: Romance


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In the United States, on your wedding day you say, “Till death do us part,” meaning that you will love that person until you die. But more than half of marriages here end in divorce. What happens after the wedding day to make things fall apart?

This was a popular forum topic recently. Listen to Marni and Devan talk about what they think happens to love after marriage.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  You know, you’re in a relationship, especially, I think, if you get married, it’s like, you’re seeing someone, or you’re married, you’re in this relationship, you’re so in love and after a while…do you think…it just seems like…things…kind of…fizzle.

Devan:  That’s why I’m afraid to get married.

Marni:  I know! It seems like…what happens when that happens? And does it? There’s that expression, “The honeymoon phase” of a relationship. At first you’re all excited but then…I don’t know…you just get so complacent.

Devan:  Do you think that it’s because they’re not in love anymore or they’re just comfortable? Do think it becomes more comfortable and less passionate?

Marni:  I think love changes. I mean, I think that part of being in a really good relationship is being comfortable with the fact that you’re not, like, super hot and heavy and all excited, you know, about each other. But then I also think, like, well, wow, so many people I know cheat on…you know, you hear about that all the time. Is that because love fades? Or is it just the excitement of something new?

Devan:  I think it’s kind of both.

Marni:  It’s kind of depressing, isn’t it?

Devan:  It is kind of depressing. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get married. I want to stay in the honeymoon phase forever.

Marni:  Yeah. Exactly. It’s not possible.



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It takes a minute for Marni to get around to saying the sad truth. That so often, love fades after marriage. Devan says that that’s why marriage scares her.

People talk about the honeymoon phase of a relationship. A honeymoon is a vacation taken after a wedding. It’s worry-free, but temporary. A lot of times, relationships are like that too. They’re fun for a while, but the fun ends.

Devan wonders if love actually disappears after a while or if it merely seems to because people just get more comfortable with each other.

Marni says that she thinks love changes. That part of what it means to be in a lasting relationship is accepting that it may not be extremely passionate all the time.

But, nonetheless, many people in seemingly happy relationships choose to cheat. It may be the attraction of something new, or it may be the disappearance of love. Or both.

Why do you think love often seems to disappear after a while? What’s the best way to keep a relationship passionate?



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I just got up and Ebaby release a real problem to us.

01:49 AM Nov 16 2007 |




It's naturally that the passion between wives and husbands disappears.And it a may works that to find way keep the life of milk and water colorful.Such as visiting the place where they met each other first time,having another "honeymoon" somewhere else,not only in home or boring place.and it's important that people in relationship have their own hobbies each other.Do not stay together all the time.

01:45 AM Nov 16 2007 |



Frown  Yes love always change after wedding, or especially when you have a child.

01:42 AM Nov 16 2007 |

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