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Honeymoon. Period.

Honeymoon. Period.

Date: Nov 16 2007

Themes: Romance


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In the United States, on your wedding day you say, “Till death do us part,” meaning that you will love that person until you die. But more than half of marriages here end in divorce. What happens after the wedding day to make things fall apart?

This was a popular forum topic recently. Listen to Marni and Devan talk about what they think happens to love after marriage.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  You know, you’re in a relationship, especially, I think, if you get married, it’s like, you’re seeing someone, or you’re married, you’re in this relationship, you’re so in love and after a while…do you think…it just seems like…things…kind of…fizzle.

Devan:  That’s why I’m afraid to get married.

Marni:  I know! It seems like…what happens when that happens? And does it? There’s that expression, “The honeymoon phase” of a relationship. At first you’re all excited but then…I don’t know…you just get so complacent.

Devan:  Do you think that it’s because they’re not in love anymore or they’re just comfortable? Do think it becomes more comfortable and less passionate?

Marni:  I think love changes. I mean, I think that part of being in a really good relationship is being comfortable with the fact that you’re not, like, super hot and heavy and all excited, you know, about each other. But then I also think, like, well, wow, so many people I know cheat on…you know, you hear about that all the time. Is that because love fades? Or is it just the excitement of something new?

Devan:  I think it’s kind of both.

Marni:  It’s kind of depressing, isn’t it?

Devan:  It is kind of depressing. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get married. I want to stay in the honeymoon phase forever.

Marni:  Yeah. Exactly. It’s not possible.



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It takes a minute for Marni to get around to saying the sad truth. That so often, love fades after marriage. Devan says that that’s why marriage scares her.

People talk about the honeymoon phase of a relationship. A honeymoon is a vacation taken after a wedding. It’s worry-free, but temporary. A lot of times, relationships are like that too. They’re fun for a while, but the fun ends.

Devan wonders if love actually disappears after a while or if it merely seems to because people just get more comfortable with each other.

Marni says that she thinks love changes. That part of what it means to be in a lasting relationship is accepting that it may not be extremely passionate all the time.

But, nonetheless, many people in seemingly happy relationships choose to cheat. It may be the attraction of something new, or it may be the disappearance of love. Or both.

Why do you think love often seems to disappear after a while? What’s the best way to keep a relationship passionate?



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I got divorced once and I don't think I will get married once more…I am kinda afraid of love being fade away and I wish we all can live in that honeymoon phase..That would be great..but it is impossible unless there are some efforts from both to keep love is always in the air. I don't know maybe try to appreciate your spouse or..something else…I have no idea.<!-Session data-><!-Session data-><!-Session data-><!-Session data->

09:57 AM Sep 26 2009 |

kareena kapor

Saudi Arabia

i dont know but i think if u love someone and u satisfied by him u will keep love him forever cuz u cant love everyday another one this will be bad

08:37 PM Aug 18 2009 |



don't afraid, try marriage once or twice :) now I have been married for 8 months, so I can say love is wonderful, fabulous:) honeymoon phase is just like this!

05:19 PM Apr 13 2009 |


United States

Marni!!!  Its like… I'm wondering if like….. you could…  you know… like… finish a … you know.. sentence.  Its like… the valley girl slang.. you know… is not like… a good example for.. you know.. English students.

Seriously.   A little is OK but you need to ease up a bit. ;) 

08:21 AM Feb 12 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i dont know    ?

10:27 AM Dec 16 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i dont know    ?

10:26 AM Dec 16 2008 |





01:18 PM Nov 24 2008 |

zhang xiuyan


I have also heard about divorce of so many people.Needless to say,love needs communication,mutual consideration,if you want your love to last,it can.

08:54 AM Jul 06 2008 |




04:07 PM May 23 2008 |

prem chand


Love and passions are different things. passion dies after a short period but love keepsup passion forever.Before marriage  both shoul know abot each others feeling,life-style,habits,family back-ground etc.After marriage both should take care and support in on another's week point, and enjoy the strong points as changing the venue, time, surrounding,friends.Get  enough time to listen and share the feelings as well as grievances and make amandment.Marriage is an understanding between to persons for the whole of their life to love ,feel,help,secure each other,to give birth to babies and educate them,to support the parent's in old age. So it's not only the matter oe sex.Ucan Buy Sex but nt husband or wife.The couples are mabe in heaven and remain at earth.

02:15 PM May 23 2008 |



United States

HI, every body.

What is like to change overnight ............somebody's bank account or emotions.

Many if not all marriages not just in here (US) but all around the world are being held on emotional basis rather than financial basis.

One reason is people flow with the emotions and then when their emotions fade away they get divorsed.  

07:35 PM Mar 14 2008 |




i wanna tell thank you for this

this very good for me i rea;;y appreciat your efort

05:54 PM Jan 18 2008 |



hello i never get marriage before so i will like to get a good partner who will like me to marry her.

08:09 AM Dec 05 2007 |




it's soo far from me but it's very necessary after completion marriage.


03:44 PM Dec 04 2007 |



I don't want to get married because I want he loves me forever.

03:01 AM Nov 26 2007 |




wow this story can be a movie as titanik

how sweeeeeet !!

05:03 PM Nov 23 2007 |



My neighbours are 70 year-old couple. They are still in ardent love with each other, kissing every 30 minutes and holding hands. We are drooling with envy. It's not easy to find someone who can equal you.

02:25 PM Nov 23 2007 |




I'm thus young now,get married is so far for me !

04:28 AM Nov 23 2007 |




__ That Is Nice Supject To Talk ABout.. But I Think That The Person Who Looks For The Immortal Honeymoon Will Die Befor Even Get The Limited Honeymoon..hahahah
I THink Life Need’s The Bad Time’s To Get THe Importance Of THe Good Time’s
Any Way…Keep Going On

01:30 PM Nov 22 2007 |


Viet Nam

to love and be loved by the one you love, oh tell me if there were somethings that make you happier than that. when people marry each other, it means that they want to show their love is strong enough to last, and when people divorce, it’s time they realise that they’re wrong. love is unchangeable but the lover…....!!!!!!!!

12:27 PM Nov 22 2007 |

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