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Amanda's Anguish

Amanda's Anguish English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 27 2007

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Last week on the Ebaby! soap opera we learned that Devan has a crush on Mason. Things are going to get pretty tricky because, as you’ll recall from the first episode, Amanda likes Mason too.

But this week Amanda confides in Marni and we find that she not only likes Mason, that she’s in…well, you’ll just have to listen for yourself.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So I am about ready to pull my hair out.

Marni:  Why? What’s going on?

Amanda:  I don’t know if I…Can I tell you a secret?

Marni:  Of course.

Amanda:  And you won’t tell, like, everybody in the crew?

Marni:  Please. You can trust me.

Amanda:  I kind of am in love with Mason.

Marni:  Really?

Amanda:  Okay. In like. In warmth. Like…heavy likes.

Marni:  Heavy likes? Wow…have you…so you haven’t told him?

Amanda:  I thought I told him. I thought that we talked about when you have a crush on a friend, what’s the best way to go about it, and…totally over his head. It was almost like he was repulsed of the idea of it being me…

Marni:  No…

Amanda:  ...and it killed me.

Marni:  Oh!

Amanda:  I didn’t eat for like weeks.

Marni:  Oh Amanda!

Amanda:  Do I look thinner?

Marni:  Yeah, but I hope you’re eating. So, I think you should tell him. I think this is great.

Amanda:  I did. I mean, how do I…without saying…you know what I mean?

Marni:  Being really direct?

Amanda:  He dates. He tells me about his dates. He’s not trying to be insensitive but it hurts me.

Marni:  You guys are friends. He probably just doesn’t know.

Amanda:  Well…should I move on?

Marni:  Well not if…I mean…I think you need to tell him.

Amanda:  I’m a little traditional so I don’t like to be the girl going after the guy. I want the boy to call me.

Marni:  Yeah, but…

Amanda:  He’s not getting it?

Marni:  ...it’s 2007.

Amanda:  But what does that mean? What does that mean in the situation?

Marni:  That if you really like him, you should tell him.

Amanda:  Should I text him? Like, “I love you?” “I heart you xoxo -A?”

Marni:  I mean that’s…if that’s how you want to do it…

Amanda:  I don’t know. Maybe you could like slip him a note or something?

Marni:  You want me to do it?



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Amanda is really frustrated because Mason hasn’t realized that she likes him. She trusts Marni to keep a secret and tells her that she loves Mason! She quickly backpedals and says that she likes him a lot.

The situation has been so hard for Amanda that she hasn’t been eating. It’s torture for her to hear about Mason’s dates with other girls.

Marni says that Mason probably just doesn’t know that Amanda likes him and he isn’t trying to hurt her. She tells Amanda to be direct with Mason.

But Amanda is a traditional woman and would prefer if Mason pursued her, not the other way around. Plus she doesn’t know how to be direct. She jokes that she could send a text message or that Marni could deliver a note.

Do you think Amanda ought to be direct with Mason or are your views on dating more traditional? How should she tell him? Is a text message a reasonable way to tell someone, “I love you”?
Check in next Tuesday to find who has a crush on Amanda! We’ll give you a hint. It’s not Mason!



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it is not so basic to tell the trıth of your feeling in yourheart..somebody can understand it who was tried past.. a girl and a boy different earths,you know..but not impossible ı think se can tell him..


good lesson about life

07:15 AM Nov 27 2007 |



come on ,Amanda ,do now ,dont  hesitate about it .  

06:57 AM Nov 27 2007 |




Amanda,trusting me.if you like something just go for it.you should be direct with mason and tell what you felt.maybe you would be repulsed by him,but you just state your true feelings.of course maybe he is waiting for your words.in all ,only in this way,you would feel better and win more opptunities.Amanda, give my best wishes to you.

06:53 AM Nov 27 2007 |



if amande don't tell him ,he don't know amande like him .i think that would be more succesful small probability.

though amande is very traditional.


05:55 AM Nov 27 2007 |





05:47 AM Nov 27 2007 |



South Korea

Amanda has 3 years old son.

Is she cheating now? haha..

im just kidding..

05:22 AM Nov 27 2007 |



Yes! Amanda go and tell me that you love him a lot.. Smile

05:12 AM Nov 27 2007 |


United States

oh come on amanda go ahead and tell him

05:11 AM Nov 27 2007 |

lily zeng

lily zeng


i am so sad of Amanda, why she make herself so depresive, if you like him makes you so grieved, maybe you should tell him the truth, when he knows you feeling, and accept your love, it will be good for you. but if he refuse you, you should give up and forget him, find another love to cure you pain.

04:49 AM Nov 27 2007 |

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Viet Nam

Amada tell Mason that: you love him. I think you can feel better

04:09 AM Nov 27 2007 |




come on,move on!if necessary,you may use any methods.

03:23 AM Nov 27 2007 |



it's not easy to find someone you love, and also feel the same way about you. happy ending always in the fairy tales, not in real-life.

03:17 AM Nov 27 2007 |



I want to say :if i am Amanda, i will be direct with Mason,and tell him louly "I love you".only this way, Amanda will have chance.don't wait !!! now!!!girls should pursued boys !!it is normal!!

03:16 AM Nov 27 2007 |




Tell him,if you like him,Amanda, do not miss him,or you can regret for it .

03:08 AM Nov 27 2007 |



yes,amanda.dont give up! you must wait and contenue to express your true feelings. send some text message is a good way and sometimes ask him for friendship dating the way you will be more closer to each other.

im sure to you,mason should have realized and through some supported from your friends.

"love will need sometimes to sacrifices."

02:43 AM Nov 27 2007 |



Embarassedcome  on  amanda

02:35 AM Nov 27 2007 |

Hengbo shi

Hengbo shi


  there is no too much room for tradition in love ! so when you find the person who you heavy like ,tell him !   maybe both of you are waiting for each other. just do it !


02:26 AM Nov 27 2007 |



dont give up!just wait the right time.love must be more petient.

02:19 AM Nov 27 2007 |



so lovely girl!one will not know unless you tell him your love.you do and you will have chance.

02:11 AM Nov 27 2007 |




Oh, such a poor GIRL! Mason's not worth to be loved in such condition. He should have realized somtthing about Amanda. I will tell him .Just WAIT FOR THE GOOD NEWS!! Amanda

01:35 AM Nov 27 2007 |

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