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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

Date: Dec 05 2007

Themes: Pop Culture


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If you saw Transformers, you might have wondered, “Who is this kid? He’s so good!” Millions of people discovered Shia LaBeouf when he played Sam Witwicky, a high school kid who buys a Camaro that happens to be an alien robot.

But like most famous actors, LaBeouf wasn’t an overnight success. He may be young, but he’s been working hard for a long time. Amanda has been following his career since he started out. Listen to her tell Kevin about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So I was watching Saturday Night Live recently and I hadn’t seen it in a long time and the host who I didn’t know but who was very attractive and really good, um…Shay...Sh...

Amanda:  If you’re talking about Shia LaBeouf, all over it!

Kevin:  That’s who it is!

Amanda:  All over it! He’s blowing up! And he was a child actor, kind of like what you guys were talking about, turned blockbuster actor.

Kevin:  And he’s doing well, right?

Amanda:  He’s doing really well. He started with Disney, Even Stevens, and now he’s all the way…he’s going to be in the next Indiana Jones. That’s pretty good. I mean, to go from that step to that step.

Kevin:  So you followed his trajectory.

Amanda:  Yes. He’s only 20 years old. His father is Cajun, his mother is Jewish and it’s kind of an interesting story. His father left his family and it was just he and his mother all the way through and she supported him and his acting and he’s huge right now.

Kevin:  Cool.

Amanda:  And he’s kind of a younger Richard Gere, that type, that appeal.

Kevin:  Oh that’s what I’ve heard people say, exactly.

Amanda:  And if you get on his fan website…I’ve heard…because I’m not on it 10 times a day or anything…you can see the most beautiful photo gallery that you’ve ever seen.

Kevin:  Awesome. I’ll have to check it out. The show was very good. I thought he was very good.

Amanda:  Fabulous.



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Though he hasn’t tuned in in a while, Kevin watched Saturday Night Live the other day. Every episode has a different guest host and he really liked the one he saw. It was a young actor whose name he can’t quite remember. He remembers it starts with “Sh” and Amanda guesses that he’s talking about Shia LaBeouf.

She tells Kevin about how LaBeouf started acting at a very young age and was on a TV show on the Disney Channel. Next year he’ll appear in the new Indiana Jones movie. Indiana Jones is a classic American film and the new movie is sure to be huge. LaBeouf has come a long way in a short time, but it wasn’t without a lot of support from his mother, Amanda says.

LaBeouf is an interesting mix of Cajun and Jewish, and people say he resembles Richard Gere. Amanda says that she doesn’t visit LaBeouf’s website 10 times a day, which makes it obvious that she does. She likes to look at the pictures there.

Is there an actor or performer who you have been following since before he or she was very famous? Who’s your favorite young actor right now?



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 Shia LaBeauf… Yes, I remember him in Indiana Jones movie. Was kinda surprised seeing an uknoknow actor starring in such a popular franchise. If I probabably had  watched Even Stevens, it wouldn’t have been so unecpected. Bit I didn’t. And his trajectory is getting a more sharp curve. I couldn’t believe seeing Shia In Sia’s Eslastic heart song. He’s filled out in a good way and again took me by surprise, out of the blue was jumping and leaping in a dramatic cool video with Maddie Ziegler.

07:12 PM May 26 2015 |



United States

He’s really blowing up . . . And he’s hardly an overnight success , he’s come a long way . So, hope we’ll see next steps , and new notches :)

10:14 PM Aug 20 2010 |



United States

Although I am not a robot fan and I don't really like to watch robot movies , " The Transformers" but I think Shia Labeouf has come long way, I used to watch " Even Steven" on Disney Channel TV Shows, he acted really good in it and I think he has been working really hard pursuing his career. And now he is blowing up..

05:33 AM Jul 18 2008 |




yeah i had been watched this movie 'TRANFORMERS' very cool flick worth to see it. Shia LaBeouf acting on this movie very good..

11:22 AM Jun 13 2008 |


Viet Nam

i like story, because it consists of many useful words, helping me speaking like native speaker


09:26 AM Dec 11 2007 |





08:58 AM Dec 11 2007 |




awwwwww shia labeouf is a good actor

11:06 PM Dec 10 2007 |




hey i think shia labeouf is a legend he is nice actor and he acts very well specially in transformers and disturbia and charlie’s angles

11:03 PM Dec 10 2007 |



North Korea

Shia LaBeouf is blowing up b/c of Transformer. I am not sure he can become national actor or not. but he is a very fabulous actor in his age. he will act like a Richard Gear in the future.

10:03 PM Dec 10 2007 |



the guy is handsome, looking  pretty kind  when you get the first scene of him.  he has a unfortunate life in his young time,but thank to that,he became  very tough and persistant.he didnot  give it up,persisting on his acting carieer. difficties and tough situation can't not be his obstale to get his summit of acting ablity. he is always inmerse into his acting,so it is natural for his to success .he deserve it !  god bless him! 

03:44 PM Dec 10 2007 |





01:50 PM Dec 10 2007 |



the move is god

11:24 AM Dec 10 2007 |




I have watched the movie twice.It is wonderful!

07:57 AM Dec 10 2007 |





07:56 AM Dec 10 2007 |



free of charge

03:54 AM Dec 10 2007 |




Young Actress, wonderfull.

03:43 PM Dec 09 2007 |



 he played  a young man ın dısturbia

08:08 AM Dec 09 2007 |



Dominican Republic

I like Shia on Transformers. He was really great on it.

And maybe he is too young to be compare with Richard Gere but, in some way they have some similars.

 I don't have a favourite young artist now. Maybe Kirsten Dust or Scarlett Johansson.


05:46 AM Dec 09 2007 |



how great

05:24 AM Dec 09 2007 |




05:23 AM Dec 09 2007 |

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