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Correction of sentences - Excercise 2

Date: Dec 20 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: maj_mandloi


So here is the next excercise on Correction of Sentences. Do let me know if you would want the correct answers or just the Rules given are sufficient. So go ahead and try to correct these 20 :-

1. He has no any friend.

2. I think his grandmother is died.

3. Do not speak a lie, but always tell the truth.

4. The ship was drowned and the crew were sunk.

5. He saw a log of wood was swimming in the flood water in which he was floating.

6. He is devoted to drinking.

7. He is addicted to praying.

8. The English invaded the French and attacked their country.

9. He gave me some good advices.

10. He did not act upon the advise of his teacher.

11. He adviced me to go to Mumbai.

12. Is there some place for me in the bus ?

13. The strong air blew his hat away.

14. Both the sisters are not on talking terms with each other.

15. He is one of my best friend.

16. I have not replied to him so far.

17. The two brothers love one another.

18. The five sisters love eachother.

19. Distribute these apples between the five friends.

20. Sheela is my cousin sister.

Here are the Rules :-

1. We should not use double negatives.

2. Died is the past tense of die. The adjective is dead. We can, however, say "His grandmother has died" or "His grandmother is dead."

3. We tell a lie and speak the truth. To "say a lie" is also incorrect.

4. Living things drown whereas lifeless things sink.

5. Similarly living things swim and lifeless things float.

6 & 7. Addicted is used in bad sense and devoted in a good sense.

8. People or persons are attacked but a country or town is invaded.

9. Advices means information or reports. It is not the plural of advice.

10 & 11. Advice is noun and advise is verb.

12. Place can not be used in the sense of a room which here means "unoccupied space."

13. Air is what we breathe and wind is what makes the leaves move.

14. Talking terms is unidiomatic and should be avoided.

15. After "one of" the noun is plural.

16. We answer a person, but we reply to a note.

17 & 18. Each other is used for two persons and one another for more than two persons.

19. Between is used for two persons or things. Among is used for more than two persons or things.

20. The word sister / brother along with cousin is superfluous.

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