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Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine? English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 08 2008

Themes: Holidays, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Around the middle of February, you might notice a lot of people wearing pink and red. Some of them will be holding hands and smiling, others weeping in a corner. What’s going on?

You almost forgot! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. February 14th is a holiday that became popular in the middle ages when courtly romance was big. It’s a good time to write a love poem or do something special for the person you’re with or want to be with. But that can be a lot of pressure. Amanda and Devan are a little worried about Valentine’s Day, but luckily, they’ve got each other.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Hi.

Devan:  Hey.

Amanda:  I just looked at the calendar…not cool. Do you know what’s coming up?

Devan:  Um…your birthday?

Amanda:  No. I’d be excited if it were my birthday.

Devan:  Oh, Valentine’s Day.

Amanda:  Yeah. I’m a romantic and everything, but I just think it’s a ridiculous holiday.

Devan:  Isn’t it? Unless you’re in a relationship it’s just such a letdown.

Amanda:  Absolutely…

Devan:  It’s the most depressing holiday. Sadder than being alone on Christmas.

Amanda:  I completely agree. It pretty much reminds everyone that’s single or has just broken out of a relationship that they are lonely and they have nothing to be happy about. And the pressure that it puts on couples. For no reason on one day…what to buy your boyfriend or girlfriend, just ‘cause?

Devan:  Yeah, it’s pretty much a big slap to the face for anybody who’s not in a happy relationship.

Amanda:  Such a Hallmark holiday, but, you know, I did try to get in the mood and I did bake you some Valentine’s cookies.

Devan:  Oh…

Amanda:  Will you be my Valentine?

Devan:  I’ll be your Valentine. Will you be my Valentine?

Amanda:  Absolutely.

Devan:  Thank you. Cheers.



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Amanda seems strangely serious. She says there’s an important day coming and Devan guesses that it’s her birthday. Amanda says that she’d be excited if it were her birthday. Then Devan remembers…Valentine’s Day.

Since both Amanda and Devan like someone who doesn’t appear to like either of them back, they agree that it’s probably going to be a crumby Valentine’s Day.

But even if they both had boyfriends, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be any easier. There’s the pressure to do something special and buy a gift. Amanda points out that Valentine’s Day is very commercial nowadays.

But, rather than just feel sorry for herself, Amanda made some cookies and asks Devan if she’ll be her Valentine. Normally your lover is your Valentine. But if you don’t have a lover, a friend will do to keep you company. Of course Devan says yes, and it starts to look like maybe Valentine’s Day won’t be so bad after all.

Hey! Didn’t you hear? Ebaby! Has a special love story for Valentine’s Day!



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Viet Nam

Awww…Can I join you guys?I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend,so everytime I think about Vanlentine’s Day,I feel hurt!Cheer!Drink to forget everything.

04:40 AM Feb 08 2008 |




I have no girl friend yet.but I beleive that I can find my lover.

04:39 AM Feb 08 2008 |




Admittedly, Valentine's day has got wery beatifull meaning but Unfortunately, nowadays they use it for commercial advertisement tool.

Of course to make happy your valentine by a gift is so pretty. But if you want to buy; not anyones insistence.

I want to say, "most beatifull gift for your valentine; to say that you love him/her with heartly kiss"

have a nice valentine days…Kiss

04:20 AM Feb 08 2008 |




I hope it would be my last lonely valentine.

04:13 AM Feb 08 2008 |




Intresting Lesson ! Thanks Ebaby! ;)

04:01 AM Feb 08 2008 |




Its like, The day that you can have your lover in a very good mood,lots of ROMANTIC mood of every couple, So, yeah its very nice day to share feelings wht ever you feel for your lover. but i m SINGLE.hehehehe

04:01 AM Feb 08 2008 |




i  don't like Valentine's daybut luckily,it comes on my vacation!

i just broken out of  a relationship,so it's a lonely day,sodder than being alone  on Christmas

But i hope the others who have Volentines  will have a  good day!!enjoy a lot~

03:26 AM Feb 08 2008 |



The more dificult is the gifts.

02:28 AM Feb 08 2008 |





i have no boyfriend yet


02:19 AM Feb 08 2008 |




Valentine,still a  lonely day for me …

single is simple ,double is trouble .tringle is terrible .so ,sigle cheers ~haha…

01:26 AM Feb 08 2008 |

Josh K

Josh K


this time is remind good and bads dates, nice memories and unhappy memorias. But always it's romantic and nice day.

01:23 AM Feb 08 2008 |

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