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Black History Month

Black History Month

Date: Feb 22 2008

Themes: Holidays, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Black history is a very important part of American history. But it wasn’t always viewed that way. As African-Americans have struggled for equality, they have also struggled for recognition for those who came before them.

Since African-American history was largely ignored for a long time and not taught in schools, February is national Black History Month. The month serves to make sure that people like Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave and successful author, and Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves, aren’t forgotten.

Lincoln and Douglass were both born in February, which is how the month was chosen. But lots of other important moments in black history happened in February. Blacks were given the right to vote, and the first black senator was elected in February. It’s also the month that famous militant leader Malcolm X was assassinated.

But black history isn’t all politics. It’s also community. Listen to Devan and Beren talk about how Black History Month can make you think about the history of your neighborhood.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  So, uh, February’s Black History Month. I don’t know…Are there lots of events surrounding it? I’m aware, but only because I live in the section of the city where it’s predominantly African-Americans.

Devan:  I just started college so being in school makes you take a lot more note of it than I would normally. We’ve been discussing Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and the whole civil rights movement, but I feel like normal, working people don’t have a lot of exposure to the month and I think it’s important. I think there should be more activities in the community to celebrate it.

Beren:  Yeah, definitely. I think…I don’t know, especially in…where it’s predominantly African-American, they do…They have whole days devoted to different African-American history details like the history of the neighborhood, but I think people in the outer reaches have no idea what’s going on.

Devan:  That’s interesting. Are you going to partake in some of the events?

Beren:  Possibly.



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Beren asks Devan if there are a lot of events going on for Black History Month. Devan isn’t sure, but she says that black history has been a topic of discussion at her school. She worries that people who aren’t in school might not notice that it’s Black History Month.

Beren says that she notices it’s Black History Month because there are celebrations in her neighborhood of the area’s black heritage.

What’s the history of your neighborhood? Is it tied to the history of your country?



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South Korea

Korea also have anniversary which celebrates independence from Japan. We also know how badly Korean lived during the japanese colonial period, almost 36 years. but I also have many japanses friends. All of them are really nice. I cannot hate them. but, what I really want to their government is admitting their fault of the past and asking us to forgive them like Germany did to people in the world.

01:41 PM Dec 29 2008 |




you could just copy the URL of the lesson from the address bar of your browser and paste the link in your email.

06:34 PM Nov 08 2008 |


United States

Can anyone tell this first time user of this site how I can email this lesson to my friend who is living abroad? I think it's interesting for her since she is from the Ukraine and she has a son from an African man.

Thanks in advance, Jerry~

07:21 AM Nov 08 2008 |




Malcom X

01:15 AM Apr 25 2008 |




i always beleived that people who are borne at february are great so am iCool

08:26 PM Mar 30 2008 |



Japanese millitary has done horrible things in the past, but they still don't tell the truth about it in their history textbooks.

03:57 PM Feb 28 2008 |




black men's are those men who inspire the world to fight fight for their freedom by non-voilence.

I respect them.

05:49 AM Feb 28 2008 |




Yes. i am aware of this history

09:01 AM Feb 27 2008 |




for me it's very important to speak about black history i live in france and at school never a teatcher taught me black history they prefer ignored this


10:03 AM Feb 26 2008 |




yes, everyone in china is remembers those days that Japanese hace invaded our motherland and hce insulted our people

08:14 AM Feb 26 2008 |





05:39 AM Feb 26 2008 |



United Kingdom

Not just japanese but some chinese may ignore the Anniversary of triumph of Anti-Janpanese War . especially the young generations. There are always some people speak "F" words to japanese but they even ignore the day japanese invaded our motherland, why was this happen?








03:29 PM Feb 25 2008 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi Nad1a,

This is what you understand from my comment?I'm so sorry.I tried to explain different thing but you understood different thing, Summary, don't live the past just understand your mistakes and don't do it again.I don't have any problem about someone who lives in USA :) it is not like to me to behave like that.I tried to mention, if you are interested in the other countries (I mean in this century-and USA) to give more freedom them or create democracy there it is just funny, first of all you should take a look at your democracy (I mean USA's democracy not yours:) ) Because of that please, read my comment and and think again before your writting!!!!

10:39 AM Feb 25 2008 |




It's interesting to be in touch with this kind of information….

We all need to increase our knowledge about life…. 

09:40 PM Feb 24 2008 |




@ zeus
If we are to hate, all of Europe’s got reasons to hate either Turkey for the Turkish yoke, or Germany for Hitler or Italy fot Musolini, or Russia for the Communism. Imagine how absurdous that sounds.
As for the Turkish Bulgarians, I’m sorry for them, but the system was just like that those days, victims of which were not only ethnic Turks but Bulgarian people as well, in various ways. As I’m sorry for the slavery in America, but it was with the help of white Americans that slavery was abolished. So should I hate present day’s American people?
Then allow me to contradict you, but , NO, hardly any of the ancestors of present day nations originate from the same geographic regions, today’s countries are located.They were constantly moving from one place to another, searching for fertile land, or better climate, natural resources etc, and inevitably chasing local people away or enslaving them.
And last, I repeat, NO NEED FOR HATRED for goodness sake.
And what the heck with your anti-US propaganda? Have you been dumped or played dirty on by some American chick or something. Cos even so, it’s not the USA’s fault.

08:59 PM Feb 24 2008 |

john alaska

Viet Nam

it’s an important knowlege

04:15 PM Feb 24 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

it is very nice.i get many new information

02:58 PM Feb 24 2008 |



History is written by winners remember that..(to the chinese guy)

01:18 PM Feb 24 2008 |




it is worthy of admiring that African-Americans have been struggling for their freedom and civil rights.

01:08 PM Feb 24 2008 |




it is worthy of respecting and admiring for African-Americans to struggle for their freedom and equal rights.

01:04 PM Feb 24 2008 |

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