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Quite a Race

Quite a Race English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 04 2008

Themes: News


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Normally, by now, we would know which two people will be competing to become President of the United States next year. One candidate, the Republican (the conservative), will be Senator John McCain. But the Democratic (or liberal) primary is taking longer because it’s so close. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck.

A lot of people are very excited by Obama. Among them are the members of English, baby!. We posted a poll last summer that showed Clinton in the lead. But now Obama is ahead in a new poll. If you read this forum thread, you can watch people switch sides.

More so than any politician in recent memory, Obama seems to inspire young people. Watch Beren and Amanda talk about how their mothers are voting for Clinton.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  So, have you been following the presidential elections?

Amanda:  Did you notice my little bracelet?

Beren:  Obama ‘08 hope.” That’s rad.

Amanda:  Pretty cool, right?

Beren:  There’re some super-rad t-shirts pimpin’ Obama.

Amanda:  Really? Pimpin’ Obama?

Beren:  Totally. So you’re voting for Obama?

Amanda:  Yes, I am. But it’s interesting because there’s a little divide in my family, the generational thing.

Beren:  Hillary or Obama?

Amanda:  Yeah. Which is kind of what’s going on right now, I feel like. It’s college-age to about early 30s or those just getting started in their career who are for Obama, but then that and older, for whatever reason, seem to be going with Hillary. That’s a pretty clear divide right there.

Beren:  I think it’s an older…I don’t want to say female thing, but I don’t know, there definitely is something…I know my mom, for one, is insane about Hillary.

Amanda:  Same as my mom.

Beren:  Definitely. I guess it is a generational thing.

Amanda:  It’s so interesting. My mom has gone so far as to call me a woman hater because I’m a female but I’m not for Hillary. And I wouldn’t take it that far. It’s not that I’m against women and that’s why I’m not voting for Hillary.

Beren:  What do you dislike about Hillary?

Amanda:  She doesn’t resonate with me but probably because of the stage I’m in in my life. There seems to be a huge disconnect right now with where I am and where Hillary is. And that’s great for her to be at her stage in her life, but she’s not speaking to me right now as an early 30-year-old.

Beren:  I’m voting for McCain.

Amanda:  You are? Really?



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Amanda has a bracelet that shows she supports Obama. His campaign has made good use of the Web and other means of reaching young people. Beren says she likes his t-shirts.

But both Beren’s and Amanda’s mothers support Clinton. They guess that Obama, who is more idealistic, appeals to young people, while the more moderate Clinton has more older supporters.

Beren suddenly surprises Amanda by saying that she’s voting for John McCain. McCain isn’t exactly young, hip or cool, so it’s surprising that Beren likes him. But that’s the exciting thing about elections. They aren’t won on paper and people don’t always vote for whom they’re expected to.

Is your family following the US Presidential election? Do you find there to be a generational divide?

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Pumped out.. inetresting expreesion…

12:37 PM Apr 07 2008 |



I vote to obama.
and Iwish win to him cos that mean their is democracy.

10:40 AM Apr 07 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


eh I don’t think McCain is a better choice. I want the soldiers to come home. I’m for anyone that will face McCain in about 6 months. I don’t care whether it’s Hillary or Obama. but it better be Obama though :D

08:36 PM Apr 06 2008 |



I will vote for obama

01:34 PM Apr 06 2008 |



I don't live in amerca. I don't know to much about hilary and obama. maybe most of  people who are blacks like obama

10:07 AM Apr 06 2008 |




hi Everybody

What's up? What is the new tropic in here? and I am new here!

07:58 AM Apr 06 2008 |



   vote for hillary! 




07:38 AM Apr 06 2008 |




hi ….obama  Cool

06:49 AM Apr 06 2008 |



Many young American support Obama,but more serious thing is that he will have to face McCain if Obama defeats Clinton,this time the people who supported Clinton may turn to vote to McCain,so it's means the Democratic Party will lose White House again!

05:41 AM Apr 06 2008 |




Hey, definitely the way to get a candidate is now kind of exhaustive, you know, at first, it was good to see the race and the polls, etc, but, right now doesn't make a lot of sense, maybe, if just the democrats can elect his/her contendent would be good, or one election one time at country level,  you know, going through every state is so tired, and maybe, at the end, mcCain is gonna get the more  benefits about this, in conclussion, at this time I don't know where we are, also, hillary is a liar and USA is still not reayd to have a black president, believe it or not, spanish people are doing a big job for this country, since very place they are working,  I don't like the latinos term, because latinos are italian too and all who speak latin-derivatedl anguages, I don't like the term americans for US-Citizen neither, because I'm mexican but I'm american too, soo, Monroe's Doctrine is everyday in our head




03:06 AM Apr 06 2008 |



just want to point out a problem. It seemed the streaming audio can not open for all the course posted online. what is going on here?

03:01 AM Apr 06 2008 |



i support hillary who is inteligent and gracefull. moreover, i raelly want to see wether she is more powerful than her husbands.it is not easy for a woman to compete for the pesidential position. i understand how much pressure she must bear.so , hillary is a graet woman. if i were in usa i woule vote for her.

02:23 AM Apr 06 2008 |





I want to support a doer, not a talker. so who will be a doer? let's see

02:21 AM Apr 06 2008 |



Viet Nam

Hi, I agree with Volts. Whoever of the Democratic is fine, they will not cause the war. Obama or Clinton will make sense. I am against the Bush, I hate the war.

12:38 AM Apr 06 2008 |


ola3Super Member!


 I like all the other women of different ages support Hillary!!!

10:48 PM Apr 05 2008 |




I vote for obama, because a man is more qualified to manage a country like usa!

02:53 PM Apr 05 2008 |




I vote for obama, because a man is more qualified to manage a country like usa!

02:53 PM Apr 05 2008 |



United States


01:35 PM Apr 05 2008 |




It doesn’t matter for me…this kind of people are the same as every candidate, and few things will changed. i think the world run to chaos!

11:24 AM Apr 05 2008 |



Viet Nam

30s or olders are more likely to vote for Hillary and the youngers for Obama ? I haven't realized this thing before. 

Anyway, I don't know how much their campains have to do here, towards the voters ? Are there some citizens in the United States just vote for their nominates' appearance ?

09:09 AM Apr 05 2008 |

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