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Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 29 2008

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Ever since they got together, Mason and Amanda have been having a lot of fun together. And everyone knows they were meant to be together.

But like a lot of couples, the power of the attraction that brought them together can be explosive as well. Mason and Amanda are at a pizza place and can’t decide on a pizza that they can share. So tensions are high when a sensitive topic comes up…

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I think after all this time we can decide on an entire shared topping kind of pizza.

Amanda:  OK. I trust you.

Mason:  We’re not like strangers who need to, you know, get different toppings…

Amanda:  How was your day? What did you do?

Mason:  It was good, I heard from Devan earlier, so, uh, that was cool. We talked. Kind of cleared the air a little bit.

Amanda:  Uh, what was that?

Mason:  Devan gave me a call.

Amanda:  Girl Devan, or boy Devan?

Mason:  C’mon, you know Devan. Devan Devan. I felt bad, you know I felt bad about the whole thing…

Amanda:  Did she call you or did you call her?

Mason:  She gave me a buzz. I felt weird calling her, so I’m glad she took the initiative. Why? Is there, like, a problem?

Amanda:  No. That’s fine. So what were we going to order?

Mason:  Are you seriously shaking this off right now? What’s going on?

Amanda:  I just, I don’t know, if you know that somebody likes you and we’re in this committed thing, why would you take her call?

Mason:  ‘Cause I wanted to see what she had to say and she was totally trying to make things cool again.

Amanda:  I think that’s what voicemail’s for.

Mason:  Oh, c’mon.

Amanda:  Like answer, ignore. Ignore.

Mason:  Devan and I are friends, right. I’m not just going to ignore what was going on.

Amanda:  I guess I don’t want to be high maintenance, but how do you think…

Mason:  Well, I think you are being a little high maintenance in all honesty.

Amanda:  If I were Devan, I might think that I made some hedgeway. Is that a word?

Mason:  Oh, get over it. I can’t even believe that you’re not over this. Like, you won. Let it go.

Amanda:  I kinda feel like calling Jason right now. I wonder what he’s doing.

Mason:  Fine. Do it. I don’t even care. You know what?

Amanda:  He doesn’t have to ask me what kind of pizza I like because he knows…

Mason:  I’ll call him.

Amanda:  ...because he can read my mind.



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In order to stop talking about what pizza they’re going to order, Amanda asks Mason what he did that day. She’s not very pleased with the answer.

Mason talked on the phone with Devan. Jason had suggested that Mason give her a call because she’s been having a hard time. But it sounds like she called him. Good for her. They had a good conversation, and finally talked about how she liked him a lot but lost him to Amanda.

It was a healthy conversation that needed to happen, but Amanda is jealous. She says she can’t understand why Mason would even answer the phone. Mason gets upset that she’s upset, and the fight snowballs. Amanda wants to do something mean so says she might call Jason. Mason gets up and leaves.

Do you think Amanda is being unreasonable? Have you ever had a fight with your partner?



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i hv my own experience like that movie, jealous. But i suggest, woman must understand man, so we can say in slow intonation not judge him. Man verry happy if he has a lot of fans. Become her girlfriend must wise…. But jealous is like spicy on love relationship, enjoy that…

07:30 PM Jun 21 2008 |



i hv my own experience like that. Man happy when they hv a lot of fans. Woman must understand that, say in slow intonation, not judge him.

07:26 PM Jun 21 2008 |




yeah,if someone  doubting about you ,what can you do ,espcislly she is a girl.

03:02 AM Jun 15 2008 |




 nice story….

08:34 AM Jun 01 2008 |




Great :D

09:09 PM May 16 2008 |




02:38 PM May 13 2008 |



Viet Nam

oh yes nothing serious be happen. i think amanda wanted to test the love of mason. of course she smile in the end!

11:13 AM May 13 2008 |




she had to be happy because he was honest and do not insist that much because next time he will regret and hide everything on here just to avoid fights

03:53 PM May 07 2008 |




Thanks a lot, keep up your good work.

09:52 AM May 04 2008 |



United States


I like Mason mmmmmmmmmmmm

07:21 AM May 04 2008 |




to victor25

i agree with you,her putting legs is over the top indeed.and i don't think mason answering devan's call is over the top neither.amanda gets jealous too easily Smile

02:43 PM May 03 2008 |



Moldova, Republic Of

Amanda with her legs on the table from where they would eat pizza is over the top!I would never date such kind of people, sorry, but it's unacceptable manner.

07:07 AM May 02 2008 |



beuaty sends people to relationships but inner beauties brings them back.see what is happening love without jealousy is nothing i think.

02:04 PM May 01 2008 |



well,it’s really a big problem they have to face on,and “sorry” seems to be the hardest word.

01:39 PM May 01 2008 |



Most of girl r like that atress. I  am sure. Who would like to be share their another things but could not share their only belover  to another people.I also felt like it .

09:33 PM Apr 30 2008 |

carlox alberto


i think a litle bored..

08:54 PM Apr 30 2008 |



I think that´s cool that he tells the truth, but he shouldn´t  have lost patience. For me he was a jerk and she was childish. 

08:18 PM Apr 30 2008 |



After i  watched  this i felt  like that girl .. girl who also felt mostly…sure….coz  she is falling in love on  her guy.One of nice lesson for me.

06:56 PM Apr 30 2008 |



I think that Mason shouldn't have mentioned Devon's call. Certainly he wanted to create a bad atmosphere between them. His commentary about the call was totally unecessary. It also seems that Amanda doesn't care about Mason and the relationship, because she was smiling at the end of the video.

06:11 PM Apr 30 2008 |




well..in love..everyone is easy to get jealous..anyway to be honest is real good.

01:51 PM Apr 30 2008 |

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