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10000 BC

10000 BC

Date: Apr 30 2008

Themes: History, Time


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

What better way to impress the cavegirl of your dreams than hunting a woolly mammoth? You can chase it through ice and snow, all while wearing a sexy loin cloth and fighting saber-toothed tigers.

Yes, this is the dating ritual of the caveman of 10000 BC. OK, he’s not really a caveman. He’s a member of a tribe of some sort. But it probably doesn’t matter since one of the main reasons 91% of critics gave 10000 BC a bad review is that the plot is not only boring, but historically inaccurate.

But no one, including Amanda, denies that it looks cool.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Oh, so I was looking at this list of the most historically inaccurate movies of all time and this movie 10,000 BC was on it which I haven’t seen and I don’t know anything about. But I was like, “How much do we really know about 10,000 BC?” How inaccurate could it be? Have you seen it?

Amanda:  Exactly. That makes sense. 10,000 years before Christ. How much evidence is actually there for us to base a movie on?

Jason:  Have you seen it?

Amanda:  I haven’t but I’m kind of excited to see it because it’s the director, Roland Emmerich, am I pronouncing that right?

Jason:  I think so. Independence Day?

Amanda:  Yeah, and The Day After Tomorrow and the total triple threat, like he wrote, directed and produced.

Jason:  Oh. Did he do it for those movies too, like, Independence Day?

Amanda:  I don’t know if he did. I’ll check on that and get back to you, but over $100 million to produce this movie. And that’s just crazy money to me. Like, this movie has to got to be phenomenal to be $100 million.

Jason:  It’s true. I saw some of the animation and it looks good now, but I had the sense that it’s one of those movies that’s going to look dated in about 15 minutes. You know what I mean?

Amanda:  It could. And it’s PG-13, so the target’s definitely kids. I don’t know if we’re really going to appreciate it, because I think the kids are going to be pretty jazzed about woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. I mean, how often do you really talk about those today? You don’t see them in a zoo, so it’s got that factor there. But for adults, I don’t know if you and I would dig it very much.

Jason:  Is it…Are there people in it?

Amanda:  Yeah, it’s a story. The main dude is a young mammoth hunter and the whole story line is he’s trying to protect the future of his tribe. So there is a story line. And there’s a girl, his love interest. There’s his whole family. So yeah…

Jason:  Right on.



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Jason read that 10000 BC is historically inaccurate. But he wonders how certain we can be about what life was like 12,000 years ago.

Amanda doesn’t know either, but she knows that she likes Roland Emmerich, who wrote, directed and produced the movie. She also can’t believe that it cost $100 million.

Most of that money was spent on the animation, which Jason says looks good now, but might be outdated quickly.

Amanda points out that the extinct animated animals are going to appeal to kids. The movie isn’t rated R, so kids are allowed to see it without their parents.

The animals were such a big part of the marketing for the movie, that Jason wasn’t sure if there were people in it. Amanda explains that it’s about a woolly mammoth hunter.

What’s your favorite historical fiction? Do you prefer stories that are historically accurate or does that not matter to you?



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anahid goddess

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I prefer historically accurte and it is impprtant for example  300 – Alexander – prines of Persian are inaccurate ,so bad .

07:31 PM May 19 2011 |




11:29 AM Nov 14 2010 |



Who is your sister?

09:16 AM May 07 2008 |



   I have never seen it.   My favorite historical fiction is Star War I think this movie so cool and smart. I don't matter if the stories are historically accurate, I like good story.


02:40 PM May 06 2008 |




The beginning of the  stories  was kinda  bored  but it was entertaining on the whole.Smile

09:19 AM May 06 2008 |




06:18 AM May 06 2008 |




I have seen it several days ago.It is really good.And the young hunter fighting for his tribe makes me touching.Christopher,you may not like this type of movie,but please don't be so acerbic.

02:38 AM May 06 2008 |




i've not seen yet….but the movie style look great

09:31 PM May 05 2008 |



Viet Nam

One thing for sure: the love story sounds corny and not appealing at all! After reading the reviews I know I was right not to see it when it was on here.

03:10 PM May 05 2008 |

Comfort Alli


you need to see the movie 10000BC

02:18 PM May 05 2008 |



wow good comment artIIITongue out

01:45 PM May 05 2008 |


United Kingdom


01:23 PM May 05 2008 |

Comfort Alli


the movie is a real class, costume, scenery etc. were well planed. the story however is too good to be burn out of true history.Smile

01:15 PM May 05 2008 |



Russian Federation

Hi, I've seen it and I like it very much. Perhaps, it's historically inaccurate (who knows the truth?) but it shows the situation when somebody want to rule the world. And this somebody makes people to believe that he is almighty (GOD) but it is not true. He is just fake. There are so many same situations our days. Look around. There is always a person who wants to rule us. And it will be so forever.

07:32 AM May 05 2008 |



lol that  tıme sleep dont watchFoot in mouth

10:53 AM May 04 2008 |



United States

I saw  the previous and I fell asleep Laughinglol


07:27 AM May 04 2008 |




it’s cool. in fact, it’s an entertainment movie and not a documentary, so why does it have to be historically accurate? isn’t this what movies are all about – entertain and let us fantasize?

01:47 PM May 03 2008 |



i did search there nevzt but could not find any solid resource to download.

i might be on the torrent.

u have ne idea?

01:25 AM May 03 2008 |



mahmoud u can find on google download serwer try thıs way ıf u cant download that tıme ı can help u

02:17 PM May 01 2008 |

just 2 more


hi every one good comment though … about this film  I haven`t seen it … I kinda find this film like more depend in phantom part  ..fancy or what   they call it … it`s more depend in computer work ..

yeah i`m with you… you will be impress about the vision and the sort of camera and so on … but i don`t think it may be compare with the reality film … "oh not necessary reality but i mean the film that show the real word that we live in .. this kinda film that impress me really … like" beautiful mind" or  "devil advocate "  i kind find like the writer here play a big part of the film … while in the movies like "historical fiction "  the computer and the designer  play the important part …..



01:53 PM May 01 2008 |

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