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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Date: May 23 2008

Themes: Holidays, Party, Work


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With some holidays, like New Year’s or Valentine’s Day or even Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s obvious what the point of the holiday is. But others can be confusing. Are we supposed to labor on Labor Day? Who knows. What exactly are we remembering on Memorial Day? It’s easy to forget when you’re planning what you’re going to with that extra day off from work.

Memorial Day is this Monday and Devan plans to use the long weekend to leave town and, since we all know Devan likes to party, get drunk. But Amanda doesn’t think that’s what Memorial Day is all about. Listen to them sort it out.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  What are you doing for the three-day weekend? I’m gonna go party. I have crazy plans. We’re gonna get a couple of kegs, go out to the coast…

Amanda:  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you talking about Memorial Day weekend?

Devan:  Yeah, Memorial Day weekend, aka party weekend.

Amanda:  You don’t really celebrate Memorial Day weekend. I mean, do you even know what it’s for? You should actually be heading up to your local funeral home or cemetery.

Devan:  Funeral home? That’d be a bummer. Who wants to spend a three day weekend at a funeral home?

Amanda:  Well, you don’t have spend all three days there, but you are supposed to honor the fallen soldiers from our past wars. Did you know that? So I’m going to go visit my grandfather.

Devan:  So it’s like…You mean, it’s like…a holiday to celebrate fallen soldiers?

Amanda:  Yes.

Devan:  Oh.

Amanda:  But you’re going to make it a party weekend with kegs?

Devan:  Well, I don’t know. Three day weekend! You know? I thought it was a good excuse to get out of town. I didn’t realize it was something all significant and meaningful.

Amanda:  Well, you know what I heard is that families that usually pack up and go on a road trip can’t even afford to do so right now because gas is going to cost them about $150,000. Do you want to talk about that? Do you not want to go there? Do you want to get back to your kegger?

Devan:  Oh…man…You just kind of bummed me out, Amanda.

Amanda:  Was that a buzz kill? Well, we’ve got an extra spot in our van if you want to head up to the cemetery with us.

Devan:  I think I should. I didn’t realize that it was such a meaningful holiday. Now I feel bad.

Amanda:  Well, we can tap the keg up there.

Devan:  OK, that sounds good.

Amanda:  Compromise.

Devan:  Deal.



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Amanda is a little shocked when Devan enthusiastically says she’s going to get some kegs to celebrate Memorial Day. That doesn’t seem to be a very appropriate way to spend a day set aside to honor people who died in wars.

Of course, many families take the opportunity to leave town, whether to visit a grave or an amusement park. Either way, fewer people will travel this year because gas is more expensive than usual.

All of this makes Devan feel bad. She feels guilty for wanting to party and agrees to go with Amanda to the cemetery on Memorial Day…and then drink beer afterward.

What are some lesser-known holidays in your country?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in iran,we have plenty of these memorial days ,because we passed a war years before,also theer are lots of regional funerals during the year.

06:32 AM May 26 2008 |



oh,good! I write right.



04:20 AM May 26 2008 |

Evan Zhao



02:56 AM May 26 2008 |



       oh! that's a wonderful ideal .if it possible i'll join the party!Smile

04:36 PM May 25 2008 |


Viet Nam

in modern life people always live fast, quick and have no time to recollection about their ancestor .Therefore, memorial day's just good occasion fo us to honour them

10:10 AM May 24 2008 |


South Korea

I would recommand "kegger" for Daven

08:04 AM May 24 2008 |




It was the worst day when was 12May,2008.All people will never forget that day~I think it should be Memerical Day to all Chinese! SICHUAN province of China has a serious earthquake of 8.0. I feel bad deeply in my heart! But I beleive SICHUAN people will be full of brave to overcome it and rubuild more beatiiful~!

05:18 AM May 24 2008 |



"If i wanna visit cemetery!i think that is very important thing! I will find i was so sad in that time! I can not talk! I can not do something else! I just hold down my tear! That`s a sad day to me!"

like my country.

03:47 AM May 24 2008 |




If i wanna visit cemetery!i think that is very important thing! I will find i was so sad in that time! I can not talk! I can not do something else! I just hold down my tear! That`s a sad day to me!

12:03 AM May 24 2008 |



United States

I like the idea of members getting together.  But you must  take the time and place in account.

03:36 PM May 23 2008 |



United States


03:35 PM May 23 2008 |

prem chand


brain storming

01:29 PM May 23 2008 |

prem chand


One can do whatever he likes but on such day we must remember the martyers to remember that we r enjoying fruit of freedom because of them.If somebody sacrifices his life for the others, how his soul fell that on the day of his memory everybody are drinking beer and know not why what that day stand's for.

01:26 PM May 23 2008 |



I really enjoy this topic.

01:14 PM May 23 2008 |



Deav. is kool, she has a free will and she acted accordingly though a little bit astray….....dats ao life is n dats ao we should take it but nt to b astry as Deav.

10:34 AM May 23 2008 |



i think holiday such as Tomb-sweeping Day is secrious. but ppl around me all travel somewhere to enjoy themselves. they leave their ancestor behind. they forget history. there are some activity held by school memorying martyrs,  but from my point of view, it isn't enough. standing for some minutes doesn't mean anything.

09:22 AM May 23 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think all people know the day they are in but some just don't care and prefer their interests

and ofcourse  some don't know even what date it is….....

03:32 AM May 23 2008 |

Bob Ishida

Bob Ishida


Devo is my favorite too. I really love to meet her if possible. Oh, a good idea comes up! How about having a party with members? Yeah, it'd be a off line meeting for EBaby. Maybe once a yaer or something. Are someone of EBaby guys reading this message? Wink 

02:25 AM May 23 2008 |




I like Devan, she never knows nothing at all, and it doesn't matter…

12:59 AM May 23 2008 |

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