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Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 17 2008

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Remember when Marni caught her online boyfriend flirting with another girl named Kathy69? That must have blown over quickly because then she made plans to go to Vegas to meet her sweetheart, John.
Though Marni may have forgotten Kathy, it seems Kathy hasn’t forgotten Marni. Watch this shocking episode of our soap opera.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Marni:  Hi…

Kathy:  Marni?

Marni:  Yes?

Kathy:  I’m Kathy.

Marni:  Kathy69?

Kathy:  Yes, Kathy69, John’s ex-girlfriend. I have to talk to you!

Marni:  What are you doing here? How did you get on my fire escape?

Kathy:  You know, I found you because this is very important, what I have to tell you. Sit down.

Marni:  OK…

Kathy:  I have to tell you about John.

Marni:  OK…

Kathy:  You know, I’m worried about you. I know that you’re texting or doing the thing on the computer now, and I just feel like, woman to woman, I have to warn you. He’s awful.

Marni:  What?

Kathy:  He asked me to meet him in Vegas and I went to Vegas…

Marni:  Wait. Stop. He asked you to meet him in Vegas?

Kathy:  Yeah.

Marni:  Did you meet him in Vegas?

Kathy:  Of course I met him in Vegas. He’s wonderful; you know that. So I meet him in Vegas and we’re there and he says, let’s go out and let’s, you know, enjoy the casinos, and we go to the casino and I swear to God not two hours later, he was trying to trade me for chips so that he could continue to gamble. He tried to bet me at roulette.

Marni:  Uh…OK…

Kathy:  And he will bet you too.

Marni:  This is all very strange. We…I’ve been…I mean, I have plane tickets. I was going to go, like next week, to meet him.

Kathy:  I know, and then you’re going to get traded for chips and…We have to stick together.

Marni:  We?

Kathy:  Women! Female power!

Marni:  Uh…but…I mean, when did you meet him in Vegas.

Kathy:  Three months and sixteen days ago.

Marni:  Oh my God.

Kathy:  I know. Besides, how long have you guys been messaging?

Marni:  It’s been a month or two.

Kathy:  A month. I mean that’s…You know, he moves quickly and he’s going to bet you for chips. I just really felt like you had to know because he’s great. Online, he’s super great, but then you get him in person and he will sell you. He will.

Marni:  OK. I’ll keep that in mind.

Kathy:  Do.



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Marni is sitting in her room when someone appears at her window. It’s a woman and she asks to come inside.

She says she’s Kathy69, John’s ex. Marni asks how she found her and why she came in through the window, but there’s no time for that. Kathy has a warning to deliver.

Kathy says that she went to Vegas with John. Marni is shocked because she has plans to go to Vegas with him too.

But it gets worse. While in Vegas, John ran out of money to gamble, so he tried to bet Kathy! Kathy warns Marni that he’ll bet her too.

Do you think Kathy is telling the truth? What would you do if someone you had seen on the Internet suddenly showed up at your window?



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siberian tigger


Gamblers are dangerous people who are unstable gays because they are ill, so they do not that like illness.

12:33 AM Jun 28 2008 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of


12:04 PM Jun 23 2008 |



So, if you know someone from internet, you can chat with him online. But it should be serious if you want to hang out with him/her. To be honest, the internet is a virtual world and it is easy to meet bad guy. Poor Marie, Poor Kathy69…..., maybe young guys are always crazy on dating their online friends…...

09:29 AM Jun 23 2008 |



 it is strange that an ex of a guy turns up to expose him. even if it is true, how can kathy be swaped for chips? This is kathy who is playing the game to ruine the relationship 

05:42 AM Jun 23 2008 |



shok. first of all meeting with strangers is dangerous and that to people u meet in the net. u donot know their true colours while chatting in the net, but by moving catiously.

05:36 AM Jun 23 2008 |




Onlines' friends.. Im scare now…

02:33 PM Jun 22 2008 |




I think kathy is really strange, cause she went into marni’s room Through the fire escape.

10:42 AM Jun 22 2008 |


ola3Super Member!


 If someone who I talk on the Internet showed up at my window, I would be greatly shocked Surprised. The first question how the person found me. I think, I woundn't trust this person Undecided

07:10 AM Jun 22 2008 |



United States

lol   yeap in Vegas  u can even bet you soul lol Marni this girl is trying to foul you but  hmmm u send ur online bfriend and this crazy lady to hell lol


05:18 AM Jun 20 2008 |



South Korea

We have to focus on what Marni said at 0:23.

"How did you fuck!", "How did you get on my fire escape?


05:00 AM Jun 20 2008 |




was very strange a woman enter in your bed room from the window

07:46 PM Jun 19 2008 |


Viet Nam

I think Marni should go to Vegas to see what kind of Jonhn is? And becareful also for this bad situation might happen with her. Ready the recorder and camara also of course have to take cell phone 24/24 then If have something dangerous she can call 911. Or can load all the bad eviden about this bad guy on the internet so next time have no more rapid like she will be trapped again.

01:09 PM Jun 19 2008 |

Aaron lin

Aaron lin


l don't believe online relationship , because everybody what have been said is truest or feigned sometime.so everybody can chat online,but at least we don't meet. or else it is danger.


11:00 AM Jun 19 2008 |

Maple zhang


i think Marni should take a friend with her if she decide to go ……may be rpg is better……Laughing

10:09 AM Jun 19 2008 |




John is the bad guy here, for sure Kathy knew the address of Marni from John and that implicates bad intentions of John. Marni shouldn’t take the risk and meet this man, she should throw it all over.

10:53 AM Jun 18 2008 |




wow it’s so crazy.But on the Intenet we must be careful,sometimes we don’t know the truth.

08:27 AM Jun 18 2008 |

munhozsonecaSuper Member!


it’s very interesting !!! I don’t know if Kathy says the thue! I don’t belive that a man will trade a girl for chips in casino! but in relationships for the internet everything is possible !!! =)

07:38 PM Jun 17 2008 |



it is a so strange this story this is for the first i heard about a thing like and i think this man goes all out

06:00 PM Jun 17 2008 |



As for me i think that this man is a damn crazy boys i mean he is not all there.how can a person bet another one in the game of roulette,i can not believe what i've just read there and i am agree on that the girl warn the other one.

05:58 PM Jun 17 2008 |



United States

Maybe sometimes online relationship seems kinda untrue and unreliable. But there aredo some people who fall in love with each other via the Internet. That is wonderful. 

05:31 PM Jun 17 2008 |

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