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House Guests

House Guests

Date: Jul 11 2008

Themes: Friend


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s nice to have friends come over, but what about when those friends never leave? Or what about that relative that has no place to stay and ends up sleeping on your couch for a day or 90? That can be pretty annoying.

But sometimes you invite people to stay with you for a long time. Students often stay with generous families eager to show off their culture. Listen to Amanda and Mason talk about the different kinds of house guests.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  I’m a pretty good hostess with the mostess, but that’s with regard to someone coming over for dinner, drinks…short term.

Mason:  Short term.

Amanda:  When someone becomes a house guest and they’re…

Mason:  There’s different rules at that point, right?

Amanda:  Yeah! A week, a month, more…

Mason:  It kind of switches, you know, when you’re the hostess, you have to do all these wonderful things for your guests. When someone’s staying for more than three days, they’re basically your butler.

Amanda:  I don’t know about that. But you’re right, the roles are a little reversed because you’re putting them up, and so in exchange they need to help out a little bit, around the house…

Mason:  Absolutely. No question.

Amanda:  ...with cooking and cleaning…

Mason:  ...buying groceries every once and a while.

Amanda:  They’re not staying at a bed and breakfast and I think a lot of people aren’t aware of those guidelines.

Mason:  You know, it’s funny. Have you ever had a foreign exchange student?

Amanda:  I haven’t.

Mason:  Because we had one when I was younger and they get the rules, right. It was a Japanese exchange student, who are notoriously polite and wonderful house guests, so we had to practically restrain her from doing stuff and letting her enjoy her time.

Amanda:  So did you find that you always had to include her because she’s staying with you? That you couldn’t really do anything on your own or watch a show by yourself?

Mason:  I suppose since that was a cultural exchange there was a novelty to like…It was cool for me to show her everything that was normal to me but not to her.

Amanda:  OK, the whole American experience.

Mason:  Yeah, but if it was just a buddy crashing on my couch? Yeah, that would be a burden.



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As long as the visit lasts an evening, or even a few days, Amanda likes to host. It’s when someone camps out at her place that she gets upset.

Mason points out that after a few days, the customs change. When you host guests for a little while, you do things to make their visit enjoyable. But when guests stay for a long time, it’s their duty to help out and make their stay as little of an inconvenience for you as possible.

One time Mason’s family hosted a Japanese student. She was so polite that they had to force her to quit helping out around the house and to go out and see the USA. Amanda asks if it was annoying having a student around all the time, but Mason says it was fun to show her things about American culture.

What is the proper way for a long-term house guest to act?



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Wild Serg

East or West, home is best   Cool

 I agree with you !

03:30 AM Jul 14 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

The thing is…



I love to cook ..:) 

07:10 PM Jul 13 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I wouldn't mind having guests coming over to my house and  making  them stay for a while. :)


I'll cook for them too. :) I'll make them the best food ever..give them a reason to remember their visit to my house for the rest of thier lives. perhaps even take some pictures. loool


Oops, I got a little too much into it. :P 

07:06 PM Jul 13 2008 |




i agree wiht them about tha. it's ture that there are different rules at that point. i like to host someone coming over for a short term but if house gusts would camp up for a period more then 4-5 days ,they have duty to help out around the house for cooking, cleaning, buying groceries and so on. i had a experience staying in frined's house for a long time, i tried my best to do stuff and pay for my staying,but ifinally i found that they were very tired of me…...

01:04 PM Jul 13 2008 |




i don't mind my friend stay in my house for a long time,but it is reversed when the house is to small that we have to crash on one couch.

07:29 AM Jul 13 2008 |




 For me, I would like to treat others as I want them to treat me.

09:55 PM Jul 12 2008 |




For me I would like to treat others as I want them to treat me.

This is my  philosophy in life

09:51 PM Jul 12 2008 |



i think if you are a foreing studet well is difficult stay in the house for a while. cause you know the courses are very long.

but if you  are a person who only need 3 or 4 day stay in a house, unless you can do is wash the dishes,map the floor., you know help to the other person and then please you.

 there is a phrase in mexico that says, " the dead and the visitor at the third day smells"

05:41 PM Jul 12 2008 |



For my parents, they like having house guests around. But for me, I perfer to have a little privacy at home. Probably, this is what we called generation gap.

09:56 AM Jul 12 2008 |





I'll give all the privilege and treat them as myself to demonstrate " to love thy neighbor."

05:24 AM Jul 12 2008 |




to my house guest :I'll give all the privilege and love him/her as I treat myself…this is my opportunity to demonstrate how to live in peace in this world.

05:15 AM Jul 12 2008 |




good morning

i'm raghu from india

nice to mail u

ur quote is nice.


06:57 PM Jul 11 2008 |




well… in Arab culture people are very generous with guests even if you don't know them.. so you have to be serve and literally be their butler no matter how long they stay.

06:13 PM Jul 11 2008 |




In college I used to live with a few roommates, and we would frequently have guests stay over.  Every once in a while, there'd be a really nice person that everyone got along with that would stay for a while.  Eventually the rommates would talk it over and realize that nobody knew who the person was.  Everyone thought it as someone else's friend!

Kind of like the movie "Wedding Crashers" if you've ever seen that… 

05:15 PM Jul 11 2008 |




I used to be a host student. I had a great host mom who took good care of me. It was a great experience! 

03:46 PM Jul 11 2008 |



otherwise the hotess or guest should be respected each other. the relationship will be good.


03:19 PM Jul 11 2008 |




It sounds nice! to have a house guest, especially if she was a beautiful lady i would like that! lol 

02:56 PM Jul 11 2008 |

kaka garagora

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

sth as a poet !!!


02:51 PM Jul 11 2008 |

kaka garagora

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

although the guest is dear but such as breath,that is suffocation if it comes  & not to get out…

02:50 PM Jul 11 2008 |




not only guests,but also hosts all need to respect ones'personal life and get along with each other with heart.

08:33 AM Jul 11 2008 |

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